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I share who I am and what I am about on twitter. I want you to have more insight into the kind of person I am and I invite you to the window from where you can see me interacting with others. It took some courage to be SO open but I now see the virtue of that transparency.

I believe there is good in EVERYONE. At our deepest core we are all have puritan elements about us. How we interact with others, how we treat them, what judgements we hold on them, how much or little we accept them. Cumulatively all of this defines how they treat us. If I can inspire you with positive energy, to me that is beautiful, that is satisfying. I had and continue to have the opportunity of just sharing my aesthetics with you for getting more likes and more retweets. But then I would have missed the opportunity to experience your deepest core.

Meaning is a big of me. Meaning is a big part of what I bring. Meaning is a big part of what I want you to find in me.
I am me. I am different. I am unconventional to the point of that I am the unconvention. So thank you swimmers for accepting my unconventionality.

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