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Well hello there you sexy thang !
We meet again , it's been a while since I've wrote in my Escort Diary , I can't believe it's been nearly a whole year since I started this journey as Natalie , just reading back at my first Diary entry made me laugh so much and made me realise how funny I really am HAHA , so it would only be right to Continue to write these Diary entries every few months that way I can see my growth and probably laugh at the stupid things I may have written or most likely spelt wrong because I should probably go back to school and learn how to write properly haha anyway forget about my writing I'm funny ! So who cares about that right ?

Anyway ... it's been sooo amazing so far , I've met the most incredible lovers who I call my good friends too !
Some amazing industry peers who have supported and given me a lot of advice , which I appreciate more than ever . I feel very grateful and lucky for all these special people to be part of this journey , I'm looking forward to 2019. What will it bring ? Who will I meet ?
Well that is unknown , but what I do know is that we should live in the moment , be happy and positive always , and always believe something magical is just around the corner .
Happy New Year Lovers & Friends

I wish you all success , good health , love & happiness for 2019

Natalie Summers

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