escort diary of Natalie Cooper

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Can I dispel a myth or two?

That escorts are money hungry hoes. That we'll do anything for a buck. That we do this job for the money and the money only. And that we need to use a hell tonne of lubricant.

No and no.

In fact, to be honest, in the numerous jobs I've had since I was fourteen and nine months old, this is the only one in which the money isn't the sole driving factor. Yes, I have bills to pay, a puppy to feed and expenses to cover, but I honestly love my job and my life as an escort. I love the hours, the flexibility, the freedom and I absolutely adore the sex. And not just the sex with clients my age or of a particular nationality or that look a certain way, or that are of a certain weight or muscle density. In fact, I rate personality over looks any day. I always have; in my dating life and in my opinions about men and women in general. It's the old Beauty and the Beast phenomenon; it's amazing how the way someone behaves can alter the way that you see them forever. All of a sudden the initial attractiveness they possessed transforms into an ugly shadow of the image that was first seen.

I won't see a client again if I feel there wasn't a sufficient amount of mutual respect displayed during our time together. I speak of personality, genuity, charm, interests, hygiene and manner. I'd rather develop an attraction to those qualities rather than limit someone's sexual ferocity and our potential for chemistry by their appearance. This is why I never need to use lubricant. My ability to get all nice and juicy down there comes from more than face value. The scent of a man turns me on. His drive and passions and talents make me weak at the knees. His evolutionary differences to my body and mind drive me crazy.

When meeting for the first time, often nerves and insecurities create and cause deficiencies. This is never mistaken for arrogance or lack of interest and can be forgiven as it is only natural in such a unconventional arrangement. It is part of my job to calm those shaky palms and dissolve any confidence deficit, after which therein lies an opportunity to develop a professional relationship that entails one of the most intimate acts known to humankind. It is a bizarre thing, to strip off and share your body with someone you just met. To share deeply personal and private details of ones life with what really can be classed as a complete stranger. But dear client, I love pleasuring you, (your orgasm is my crack) and I love being touched and sexed by you, and I feel honoured and privileged that you would speak to me about your life and all the things going on in your world.

That is why I do my job. And I love it.

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