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It seems that the subject of body flaws has been particularly prevalent in our realm as of late.

Stretch marks, rolls, extra padding and the 'wrong' body dimensions appear to offend and stun a certain crowd.

Of course, there is nothing new about the concept of 'the ideal body' and all the consequential body image crises that follow for those who do not fit this mould.

Having lovely long and lithe thighs has been a desire of mine since I was about fourteen. Sadly, as a cosmetic doctor informed me recently, this is never going to be a possibility for me.
"Ahh it's genetic" he said.
"An Eastern European thing."
"Oh" I said.
At that point I decided that being of European descent was a worthy trade off for big thighs.

Yes, one can diet and work out to change one's physique. But upon gaining a little weight a couple of years ago, I observed that, I was in fact the same person, despite being a bit heavier. The only difference was that I simply ate more. When I cut back on the extra chocolate, the weight disappeared. Funnily enough, my personality did not.

Now, I am aware that there are unhealthy extremes at both ends of the literal scale. I won't wander into this territory in depth because that is not the point of this prose.

What I hope to convey is that a person is not just their outer, physical shell. In particular, an escort is not just her/his body. Yes, of course the body plays a part, but the service we offer is so much more than the physical culmination of appearance and sexual deeds.

Everyone has certain qualities and features that they are attracted to in a person. But just because one does not value a particular person's beauty, it does not mean that said person isn't beautiful. To phrase it more eloquently, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Perhaps let us spend more time discovering the true beauty of people instead of picking at and condemning the so called flaws that their body possesses. Harsh judgment and cruel words can do irreparable damage; I for one, would shirk at being responsible for causing this kind of pain to someone.

My sex work has brought many wonderful things to my life, but one I will be most grateful for is the ability to really see a person. To love and appreciate them for exactly who they are, not just their exterior shell.

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