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My first ever Diary Entry!

After starting out private only 3 months ago I find myself pondering so many thoughts, topics and questions about escorts, the clients and the encounters I come across. Hence I think its time to start blogging! I have been involved in parlor work and worked under escort agencies for more than 4 years but private escorting is another ball game!

My favorite question I get asked from the uber driver taking me to my next booking or the beautician who does my facials - Why do you escort?
Friends and family also ask me the same question but I always find there is a judgmental undertone or concern for my safety and wellbeing.

Well I can safely say I LOVE my job. It is the first job in my whole working career that I can honestly go home and feel satisfied, the only job I can work my own hours and be my own boss. I've done it all.....I've worked in accounting firms, law firms, retails, the beauty industry and no other job gives me more happiness than escorting. Escorting has provided me with confidence and female empowerment. I have met amazing business woman in this industry who are open minded and unique. Nowhere have I found such a sorority of girls where there is this much support.

Then there are my clients! Oh my lovely clients...they are the real reason I continue to do my job despite ridicule and isolation from people I once cared about. These gentleman are inspiring and keep me humble. I never know who I am going to open the door to and greet at my next booking. And that's the fun of it. The mystery and suspense about who I'm going to spend intimate time with. The mutual respect is far more than I have experienced with men I meet out at a nightclub. I learn so much life experience from some of these men who teach me to love myself more. I have been privileged to enjoy some fantastic hotel and dining experiences that I would never have the opportunity to do otherwise. The best part of my job is there is no emotional attachment or guilt. I provide a legal & professional service, that provides me with financial freedom I have never been able to have in any other job. Most importantly, I am happy. And that is the most important part of life.
Living life, instead of working to live.

Monica xx

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