escort diary of Mistress Electra Amore

Let me introduce Myself

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It’s time I formally introduce myself.
Let you have a glimpse of who I am, where I have originated from and the journey I have taken to gain the reputation of being one of Australia’s Regal Dominatrices.

I have held court for a while now and my devotees have first hand experience of my reign, though for the admirers and the curious new ones here is my introduction.

I AM -
An accomplished Dominatrix, rich with the experience of female supremacy and power exchange.
I train my subject to surrender, submit and obey.
An intuitive sensual prowess, with a natural hourglass buxom figure, long dark locks and my green eyes are a reflection of my Roman bloodline and my sadistic needs inherited from Van Diemen's Land, which run deep within my veins.

Traditionally trained at the original House of Domination in Melbourne by Mistress Britt during the mid 90’s. My skills and knowledge have come from two decades of professional and lifestyle indulgence.
My documented timeline of working alongside and for many reputable Dommes, switches, submissives, houses, clubs, magazines and websites within Australia, UK and Europe. Reflects my maturity, with establishing a world-renowned reputation.

Sensation exploration is what I excel in via my style of – ‘Intense * Sensual * Domination’.

My eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, as my whispering voice places you into a state of surrender, leaving you waiting for my next commandment. My touch is one of awareness, which is begged for. I am told by my subject that it echoes deep within their ‘sub’ consciousness forever after.

I am a connoisseur of dancing with your erotic shadow and opening the gateway to the depths of a physical, mental and embodied experience.

I shine with confidence, my knowledge is extensive and my skills refined to perfection in the art of BDSM, kink, fetish and role-play.

Possessing the mind, exploring the body and guiding the soul to a variety of levels of pleasure and / or pain flow naturally for me.
Exploring the realm of sensory enhancement, sensory depravation and sensory over load in a variety of ways is my forte.

I welcome the new and curious to try an introduction session and my skills will lead an experienced player from mild to extreme forms of play.

A wish list of your own should be presented to me on submission of your application of introduction when making contact.
I also remind you to demonstrate your obedience, by using your manners. If I find you lacking in respect in any way, the chance of an audience with me will instantly be declined.
Start by introducing yourself, mention which City you are seeking to surrender to me, if submitting a request for a session, the date, time and duration. If making an enquiry make it polite and to the point.

I am authentic in leading one on a journey through their own shadows of wants, needs and desires and this is why I retain a loyal following.

Wicked regards
Mistress Electra A’more
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