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You don't have to be Submissive to Surrender to Anal/Prostate Pleasure

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A Domina is Mistress of her art form and sought for many reasons. While some are wired to be slaves or feel ecstatic at the idea of kneeling submissively before a powerful woman, others just crave the opportunity to surrender to blissful erotic trance states while someone capable and experienced guides them into rolling anal orgasm after orgasm. I am comfortable and skilled in creating all these experiences.

There really is an art to anal play and it makes all the difference to have an experienced player, patiently guide you into your potential. No rush. That is why my sessions are a minimum of 2 hours. This allows me to sit down and chat with you over a cup of tea before we begin. Clients are often quite surprised at how much difference this makes and how pleasurable it can be. This chat gives me the chance to teach you techniques that mean you drop down much deeper into the experience and get a lot more out of it. It also gives me a chance to work out some things about you that help me find your buttons and unconscious erotic motivations.

Anal play can be done in so many different contexts. It can be an act of domination, degrading and dirty or exquisitely sensual and intimate. It can be part of a fantasy role play or it can be done in the form of a tie and tease or even a full body, hot oil, massage... or cross dressed and slutty while my strung up in my sling... A single finger... toys...pegging... fisting... There are many flavours to the anal play game.

Over the years, I have done literally thousands of anal play sessions and helped transport men into erotic states of being they didn't know existed. I have combined and adapted techniques I have learned from sexological bodywork, lomilomi massage, tantra, years of BDSM experience and more to create my own method and style.

It is a very vulnerable intimate sort of play and trust is key. It is also about so much more than a physical act. The more of you that is involved, the more satisfying the experience. It needs to be a whole body and mind journey. I have had several people who used to rely on poppers, come and try my method and be completely surprised at how painless and blissful it can be without chemical help. In fact, while it is a slower, more patient game, it is more satisfying because there is no bypassing aspects of yourself in order to relax. All parts of them were richly engaged.

So if you are interested in exploring the pleasure of your anus, but were put off by the thought that I only do domination style play, please put aside that misconception and give me a call. It is time to surrender to the hands of an expert.

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