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Coming in, and out of Retirement

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Coming in, and out of Retirement

It's past the year anniversary, of me leaving full time escorting. I thought I would update my thoughts, and where I am at.

First most, this my thoughts, and opinions. This blog isn't aimed out anyone.

Sex work, is one of the oldest possessions in the world. It can be the most rewarding. You have the flexibility, to fit in with your social, mental, financial, and emotional state. It can help get through university, get through the unexpected debts, but also achieve many goals you have in mind. Sex work, is a wonderful service, it helps people who can't fit into social normality, that live busy work lives, or people who crave intimacy.

However sex work, carries the most stigma. Sex work, is sometimes seen as dirty, lazy, daddy issues, or even your not educated enough for normal work. However this isn't true. I have met so many industry workers, who are so intelligent on so many levels. That have worked as single mothers, corporate jobs, studied law, and worked in hospitals. But find sex work is best for them now, or for the near future.

What about me? Why did I retire?

I was burnt out, I couldn't find the balance in life. I worked myself for two years straight, with little holiday in between. I traveled all over Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It was exhausting, I bow my hat to the ladies who do it often. I was sick of the stigma, financial unsuitability (not knowing when the next booking was), and the judgment. So I decided, I needed to get out of mainstream escorting, and focus on myself.

I wiped myself off the internet, including my twitter, with 10k followers. I had to step back from full time escorting, to focus on one thing only. I couldn't do both. I wanted to see what was beyond sex work. I have been lucky to study, to further my skill set. I got a career that I enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I love sex work, but I was losing the passion. After a quick stint last year, I felt I still wasn't ready to come back. I knew I had to more to work on.

What about now? Why have you come back?

Most people will raise a eyebrow at me, because I was well known in the industry, mainly as I am the athletic escort or the bodybuilding chick. You think retirement means, retirement. But sometimes life doesn't go the way you want it. I don't care if people judge me for coming back. I am not here for that. I am here for myself, and achieve what I need to achieve.

I understand now how to balance my social, and work life. I have come back to focus on another course, and the last part of educational journey. I don't know how long I will be around for, as I have a couple things to complete.

I know that I will be finished at the end of the year. As my educational, and financial goals will be met. There will be no reason for me to stick around. I will always be around for my regulars, as they help me, as well I help them in more ways than one.

If ever wanted to meet me, and my quirkiness, now is your chance! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Sincerely yours
Miss Eve xx

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