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You know I get asked this all the time. It’s one of the top questions.
People seem fascinated as to why I am doing this job , why I chose this career - do I have a pimp?
Do I do all my own bookings?
Am I being forced into this.. and the answer is no.

No pimp.
No I did not get forced into this , yes I did choose this job. Yes I fell into this job by chance I decided I liked it and kept with it.

But to me this is more than a regular 9-5 job. I enjoy many aspects apart from the money that I acquire.

I really enjoy seeing you happy , pleased and the look on your face when I find out what you really like and give it to you. Nothing beats that satisfaction.
I like the fact I can accomodate the missing need your not getting whether it maybe affection , cuddles, conversation, a nice drink together.. After all I am here 100% for you! Your wish is my command.. so they say.. right?
I enjoy all the people I get to meet , the pretty things I get to aquire. Some people give me flowers , a box of chocolates , some sexy lingerie.. among a few other special gifts. It’s nice to know the client also put in thought before coming to me to bring me something nice. It’s really sweet and thoughtful. I appreciate those little things.
I always like to look my best .. nice make up - nails & hair, nice shoes & when I tear off that dress , I love seeing your eyes light up when you see what lingerie I have on underneath.
I love going to wherever your comfortable - your hotel, your home and above all I love being discreet. I love knowing I am your little secret no one else knows about. I love the thrill I get from working.
I love the fact you compliment and say how genuine and real I am. That I’m not clinical and robotic as to some experiences you have had..
I love hearing about your worries , your stresses , your daily struggles in life...I love to hear about your family and what you did on the weekend. I enjoy being your therapist , the counsellor — I do enjoy it all!

Lastly , the answer you have been waiting for — yes I do enjoy the sex! People always seem surprised when I say this , but believe it or not - No matter who you are.. I always have a good time.

So yes. I do enjoy my job. I love the flexibility it gives me.. the fact I am my own boss. I love seeing my regulars..
What more could I need?

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