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Natural services and STI’S — Here’s a subject that is often dismissed...

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When I first started working privately , not only did the phone never stop ringing. But we had the only option to advertise in the local paper. Every second call was ‘ do you do anal’ or ‘ do you see couples’. Couples was then and still is an illegal service, you can only see couples at a brothel. Often police would randomly call us posing as clients to try and trick us and see who was doing anything illegal. If you did they would book you , and see what you did in your booking and then handle it from there. Entrapment is legal and often practiced. Even today.

But you do enough calls, they were easy enough to spot on the phone.
Sometime later , the internet advertising came out.. This changed everything.... people had to verify themselves in thier ads , fakes weren’t so common. No more fake images.
What you booked , you would get. But clients always had & still do have the option to decline a lady at the door upon paying her the cancellation fee. No dramas. Easy as.
But as the industry has evolved not only has economy , mining industries being closed but tinder and dating sites became more frequently apparent and new sites appeared, so people realised women were attainable easier and they didn’t need to pay for it. This hurt our business immensely.

While business slowed down, the services you provided and regulations changed. You used to be able to make over ten grand a week easy! But , now , for most , that’s near impossible. These days , times have changed as It appears clients want a cheap service and everything included. A standard service these days includes your GFE & kissing. When those two things were extra . There is no such thing as ‘ extras ‘ anymore or a standard service.

Where as previously, extras were a huge market and often asked for , clients knew what they were and were happy to oblige by the rules and pay. You want kissing.. you paid for it. You want role play - you paid for it. There was no where near as much time wasters as there is now , you want to book , you did it. No stuffing around. There was no hesitation or silly games.
Now because work is harder to obtain - times are tougher, the new thing everyone seems to be jumping on is wanting illegal and unprotected services, such as cum on face , cum on boobs, bareback ( natural ) oral , anal or sex. This was common before but nowhere near as much as it common now. Every second call or message I get is asking for those things.

The sad thing is most of those girls don’t get health checks , the men don’t even know what one is. Not all STDS are visible and even appear in your mouth. A lot of people are uneducated or simply don’t care. They would rather sacrifice or risk their bodies and do that service for a small amount of money. Working girls see multiple men all day every day all year round. So if they are doing natural services to you, whose to say they are clean and worse yet they are doing it to everyone they see. If you think about it — We see a huge amount of men in a month — a year! If you catch something not only are you out of work for quite some time or permanently to treat it. Otherwise some work and don’t care and spread it to everyone they see. So not only is your work being sacrificed but your health too! What if you caught something and it was life long , you couldn’t treat it? Was it worth it for an hour of pleasure!? Most men that see working girls are married .. how would you explain a STD to your wife? Or partner? Do people consider this before entering into this service?

But hey , who cares? Let’s go to a parlour - they will see me? Right? Wrong! First of all you need a health certificate by your doctor to work at a parlour. If you fail it you are not allowed to work. Men get a health check before the booking commences if you are suspected of having anything .. you are denied immediately. Dams are warranted for oral sex at parlours. Some parlours won’t allow you to work there if they find out your doing illegal and natural services. Instant dismissal.

I find it interesting when I get asked for these services and when I deny it , they justify why they want this. The answers I get back don’t even surprise me or shock me. Yes it feels better , who wants to cover up? Right? Your paying cash so you should be entitled to that service. I get told all the time , if you don’t offer natural services you are limiting yourself to how much work you can get, I was shocked by this response. My response to that, is you get what you paid for... You pay for a girl who does it all.. that’s the risk your taking just for an hour of pleasure. With all the men we see you would think that would deter clients. You pay for a girl who’s doesn’t offer that service, you won’t need to worry when you leave what rash will show up next week because you know she’s clean. But it amazes me does it come down to desperation girls are offering this? They feel they need to undercut and hustle to get work? I feel like a lot of young girls who join the industry are very naive and uneducated. And most if you don’t know how to say no at party bookings .. addictions can easily begin. A lot of girls get on hard drugs and thier lives are destroyed because they chose to party with that client and that client and that one to please them and they didn’t want to miss out on that booking and before you know it.. she’s hooked. It’s that easy! The spiral downhill begins. This job is a huge risk in many aspects , from safety , to your health or harm. But girls , you have a choice in everything you do. Clients have the attitude ‘ I paid for you so you do whatever I ask ‘ no mate , you paid for a service which she provided there are limits , she’s in charge still , she can say no just as much as you can decline her at the door — girls often feel pressured and don’t know how to decline a client in worry he may get violent, or try to take his money back and whatever she’s already done would be for nothing. The industry has changed dramatically and what you may see as the norm is anything but , on the ending note — clients are so worried about seeing fake girls, who aren’t like thier photos but clients engaging in illegal natural services doesn’t bother them at all? Go figure!

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