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The other day , I saw a client. It was a slow day , a lot of time wasters. But then I get the call ‘ I’m flying into Brisbane this afternoon - can I see you!?’

I said ‘ sure ‘ and arranged a time. When he landed he got in the taxi , and texted me to warn me he wasn’t my typical guy and he is a bigger boy and if that worries me I can cancel.
I was shocked he had said that and was concerned I would turn him away because of his size. I mean when he first told me , I must admit my dirty mind thought he was well endowed .. not .. a guy bigger in pants size.

I told him not to worry and when he arrived I greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He mentioned it again I put his mind at ease , and we began to relax. He put down his luggage took a shower and the booking began.

After the booking had ended , he messaged me to tell me how nice and sweet I was , and thanked me. He went on to tell me he really enjoyed himself. I was glad to hear this.

It surprised me , men also are so self conscious about their saddens me , men think like that too and worry! But , I am not here to judge you for whatever reason you come to me or how you looks or age.
You shouldn’t worry , your coming to me for whatever purpose and I’m happy to see you. We are all special in our own ways and no one should be turned away.
So sit back , relax and enjoy your time with me..

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