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Of all the fantasies I’ve encountered in my time as a submissive, nothing gets me as hot and bothered as spending an evening being a Daddy’s Girl.

For those who haven’t encountered DDLG (Daddy Dom/Little Girl) play before, it’s a fantasy that plays out in a specific Dom/Sub dynamic not dissimilar to the dynamics encountered in petplay. While the fantasy comes under fire by those who find it to challenge their personal morality, the familial titles are only a small part of the fetish I so adore.

As a Little, I found myself able to fully give over my power to my partner. At it’s core, DDLG to me represents a dynamic which not only encourages me to feel dominated by my partner, but also to feel cared for. The emotionally nurturing exchanges open me up to be constantly testing and pushing my boundaries. Together it creates opportunities for us to explore specific fetishes, enact deliciously degrading and beautifully obscene sexual scenarios and most of all, to exchange an empowering new height of trust.

For me, an exchange of trust is at the core not only of every fetish session, but of every session I spend with my lovers- personal and professional. The trust I give you as I open myself and my body up to you is what allows us to learn each other and explore our sexual desires. The trust involved in a DDLG scenario intensifies and amplifies this for me.

The passion and intensity of our DDLG exchanges is completely unparalleled. As your Little, I will do my best, within reasonable limits, to please your every desire and truly submit to you as you, in exchange, care for me and nurture me through our sessions.

I am a Little, and I am- should you so desire- your Little because I want you to care deeply for me in the most extreme of our time together. I am a Little because I want to give myself openly and honestly to you. I am a Little, most of all, because nothing else has ever been as intense and enjoyable as allowing myself to enter the place of true trust, naive pleasure and raw desire that you, as my Daddy Dom’s, allow me.

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