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My Dream Overnighter - How You Can Be My Fantasy!

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Recently I had the pleasure of spending a relaxing evening with a man for what became the perfect overnight booking, and I couldn't resist sharing some tips!

Overnight bookings are by far my favourite- they give us plenty of time to explore each other sexually, personally and emotionally. They allow me time to become your most enticing fantasy, to become fully comfortable with one another and to share intimate moments even in our sleep. For me, an overnight booking is more than a sexual service; it is an intimate slice of our lives we share together.

So, how to perfect that slice?
[Note: this expresses my own opinion only; many working ladies may have a different perspective]

1. Communicate! Are you all about the morning sex? Do you like to sleep in eachother's arms? Is your fantasy all about the emotional connection? The more we know about your dream evening (or morning!), the more likely we are to make that dream come true. Share all your desires with us- though, some of those intimate desires are best expressed face to face- and not only can we come prepared, but we can make it happen!

2. Consider the end-time when selecting your start-time. Having us all night from 6pm might seem ideal, but are you usually down with a 5:30 AM start? If you want to book from early evening, it's worth asking for a quote for an extra few hours, or letting us know that you're looking for an early morning finish- otherwise, it can feel like you're hoping to get some extra time off the clock. Everyone's happier when sleep is guaranteed, so be upfront about what time you expect us up and out in the morning.

3. Don't be afraid to go on adventures! 12 hours can be a long time to hang out in a hotel room. While that can sound fantastic- and sometimes is, when accompanied by lots of earth shattering orgasms- there's a lot to be said about going out on the town, especially late at night! It's also a great opportunity to get to know each other and see how well you click. Whether it's a quick trip to a nearby restaurant, a lovely late night walk in a park or a date night in the movies, heading out for an hour or two will help put you both at ease and improve the whole atmosphere.

4. Don't be afraid to tell us when you want things to get raunchy! It's hard to know if you're hoping for one round or 7, so if you don't outright ask we might not know you were raring to go again! Plus, combined with tip number 3, this can lead to all kinds of exciting adventures. Elevator sex, anyone?

5. And finally, food. Low blood sugar leads to low energy. Whether you're hoping to keep things relaxed and intimate or hot and raunchy, energy is a must have. Keep your ladies fed, and we'll keep you happy!

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