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Communication between escorts and clients

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In the state of Victoria, where I live, sex work is legalized. Legalization is often confused with decriminalization, and the two are very different. - The issue of legalization vs decriminalization is contentious, and I could write several essays about it. But that's a whole other topic!
In Victoria, there are lots of laws that govern what I can and can't do as a sex worker, and many of them relate to advertising. For example, one thing I'm not allowed to publicly advertise is a list that details exactly what sexual acts I do and don't offer. I'm allowed to advertise the fact that my 'style' is much more 'Girlfriend-Experience' (GFE) than 'Pornstar-Experience' (PSE), and I'm also allowed to advertise the fact that I always use condoms and never allow drug use during bookings. But that's about it!

This can lead to miscommunications. In my experience, individual clients can sometimes have very different ideas on what exactly constitutes a "standard booking", as indeed can some sex workers. Unspoken assumptions about what I will and won't be willing to do during a booking can lead to disappointment. That's why I encourage clients to ask me about my services. Clear communication makes things easier for everyone, and allows us to have more fun during our time together!
Asking detailed questions can sometimes make clients feel uncomfortable or awkward, and I can understand that. Rest assured that as long as your questions are genuine and respectful, then there's no such thing as a stupid question! I also want to assure you that it's very difficult to shock me. If you want an 'unusual' or 'kinky' service, then don't be afraid to ask! Maybe it's something I'm willing to do, maybe it isn't. But so long as it's legal and consensual, then I'm not going to be offended by you asking. And, if I can't accommodate you, then I might be able to refer you to another worker who can!
It's also important to note the difference between asking questions because you want to clarify something, and asking questions only because you find it arousing to hear me talk about my services; a.k.a dirty talk. Dirty talk is a service. Services are something I provide after I have been paid: never on the phone for free.

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