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“You only do this for the money”

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Thankfully I can’t recall being told this, but from what I gather many ladies do, often. So I just had something happen I’d like to write about, which is also a bright idea for all those gents who worry that ladies wouldn’t see them without money.

Besides the little fact that you all go to work for money, very few people will show up to work without getting paid for it, ever. I’m sure some, very few, would still do it even if they won many billions just from the love for the job they do. If I won some crazy amount of money in lottery (the one I don’t ever play) I’d still see a few of my lovers, but I’ll travel and write books in all of my spare time.

Back to the story. I recently had lunch with a gent who flew in from across Australia to meet up with me. We discussed a long booking interstate. He then proceeded to transfer me the full booking amount, as well as travel fees and 2 nights in an expensive hotel, to follow it up with a note that he sees all this as non refundable, and if I change my mind or don’t feel up to seeing him, I can either fly and just have a holiday or not come at all, and he will respect my choice.

So when I showed up, he knew I’m there for him, as I’ve already got the money. This is one way for you uncertain guys to know if the lady will make the choice to still see you.
No, I don’t believe many will follow suit, as for the last 1.5 years, although multiple people have fully prepaid a long booking in advance, none of them said I don’t even have to show up.

People who trust me to this degree will forever have a special place in my heart.

This is a short one, as I’m rushing around packing for my 3 city tour for which I’m leaving in the morning. I do have more to say, so maybe some other time.

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