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Was just asked… “I’m not a good looking guy, I’m overweight. How could you make me feel comfortable to be around such a hot woman? … “

“You will be. Once you see that I look thru it. I'm intuitive, and see beyond gender or any physical appearance. For me the character, personality, the spirit, your soul is much more important. I'm very exclusive and picky with who I see, but it's not appearance dependent”.

Often when I ask a potential client who contact me to tell me something about himself, I am curious to see what part of “himself” he will choose to talk about. It’s sad how many people choose to describe their physical appearance. Just says something about the physical world we live in. When I care the least about looks.
I’m so happy when people choose to describe what they are in to, the last wild adventure in Africa or wherever that they had, their hobby, the job if they love it, what their personality is like or anything else interesting about themselves.
Of course I’m always up for seeing a photo. Especially of the face, as eyes reveal a lot I believe. But that’s not to judge their sexiness or attractiveness.

At any age, with any look, in either gender or in between genders, a person can be beautiful, and attractive for me. Doesn’t matter what skin they are in this lifetime.

Qualities I find sexy are: sense of humour, a unique way of seeing the world, being unusual in some way, being modest and shy. Honesty is a massive turn on as well. I love myself and hence I enjoy getting compliments, and when my date takes an interest in me, when people come to see *me* specifically, even if often it means waiting for when I’m available, and working around my schedule, I definitely appreciate it.

Passion wise, when they allow me to take the lead, I like more submissive people, even thou I love to be pleasured too, and it does take 2 to tango! I like slow, and gentle, and like teasing and being teased, I like when time stands still and we escape to another dimension together.

When the memories are like a dream, with shapes, forms and pleasure, you really get to know your play partner. And no it’s not physical for me, even thou the job I do is physical quite often.

Altho I have plenty of very confident, well adjusted, well accepted clients, I’m also here for the lonely, for the shy and misunderstood.


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