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Why I choose romance (Warning: mushy stuff)

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Romance, intimacy, companionship are my specialities the way i see it.
We are born to do something useful in this life. I hope I’m here to make people happy. I’m a healer and a counsellor. (In my past occupations), so I’m certain there is some connection to sexual / spiritual healing, blessed with an opportunity to provide people with much needed intimacy and relaxation.

This Writing is for the romantics at heart. The rest of you, please read some of my other entries.

Since I don’t like “acting” and pretending during our dates, I attempt to only meet people I have some interest in, mostly mental interest as that’s the number one priority for me. Sexual arousal grows out of mental connection

I was recently asked what I think makes my dates romantic?
How do I achieve the real GF experience, make my clients believe they are dating me for those hours / days we are together?

The trick is, to believe in it myself. For that period of time, I’m actually theirs. Yes, I have been paid, but it’s still my choice to be there.
Everything that happens is me choosing it every minute of our date. I’m enjoying the time spent with my awesome lovers, sometimes possibly more than they do!

I find something I like in everyone, we discover common grounds and similarities to talk about, or debate our differences, I like to show how I enjoy to be pleasured, and majority catch on very quickly, many just happy watching me pleasuring myself. I love to give pleasure, and if guys (and girls of course) respond well to me, I’m having the time of my life!

I see my dates as lovers, not just clients. I often think about them and wonder how they are doing outside the paid times, and spend many hours chatting to them before and after.
Just recently had an awesome late night 40 mins phone chat to a female future client of mine. It’s great to get to know people a little better before meeting them.

I’m an empath and quite intuitive, althou it doesn’t always happen with every single person I meet, many I can relate to and see behind the mask that’s usually put on for social acceptance. By touch I learn about them, often seeing their past, and sometimes their future.

Also, I’m quite open about my life and my very adventurous past. I don’t put many unnecessary walls to keep people on the outside of. And always happy to discuss their lives, and give any girly advice they might need.

As far as romantic environment, less so for hotels or outcalls, but in my incall I have many candles lit up, music, relaxing, very friendly atmosphere, oils, chocolates, a soft, comfy large bed, and any needed play things.
Also a large spa and a shower, shower is great for relaxing too, not just for a clean up. I’ve been noticing that anxious guys after having a shower are a lot more relaxed than the ones who refuse one saying they just washed at home. It’s always fun washing together and every person I’ve showered with, commented they never had a shower like that one before :-)

Obviously it’s not a 100% match every time! Energies collide sometimes. We can only do our best to decide if we click before meeting up.

Another observation, people are different on different days. I had many people return, and each date is so very different, almost like meeting a new person. I think sometimes if the first date didn’t 100% work out, a 2nd date might be 100 times better, especially if any issues could be discussed.

We are affected by fatigue, sleep (or lack of it!), the mood on the day, anxiety of the first meeting, or even the moon cycle! Who knows.
There are no guarantees in life. but it’s fun to explore. When a date goes well, ahhh it could be so amazing…

So why do I choose romance? Why do I only provide GFE?
In a nutshell, I’m a sensitive, romantic believer. I loved reading romantic books from a stupidly young age, I still believe in love and magic :-) I like to relax, to be massaged and pampered, I basically like romance! I enjoy dinner dates in quiet comfortable restaurants, thoughtful gifts, walks along the beach, holding hands or cuddling outdoors, and walking off in to the moonlight.

Take my hand and follow me in to romantic universe for just the two of us.

Your companion in to the intimacy and pleasure,
Maze xx

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