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Why are deposits so important?

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Thankfully majority of my beautiful clients & lovers are very happy to pay the deposit as soon as the date is sorted, and do so immediately. Much, much appreciated, and thank you guys again!

But from time to time I still have people refusing a deposit or cheekily saying they won’t give me a penny until they see me. Feeling all smug and happy with themselves, there, they’ve outsmarted the escort! Probably thinking I’ll still accept the booking on the day, as how can I possibly refuse their money??

Well I happily do refuse to see them. And usually it’s not just to spite them, but I’m actually fully booked by clients who were happy to pay a deposit or in many instances the majority of the amount up front to make sure I’ll give their booking highest priority. I’ve had 2 awesome people trusting me with their credit card details so I can book the flights and hotel quicker.

I don’t accept many bookings. I like to give 100% to my dates, and really appreciate and enjoy them, which I wouldn’t be if I was exhausted from previous bookings. If I have an overnight booked, I won’t take a booking that day so I can get myself ready for the date. On tour which is usually 2 days, 2 overnight bookings mean the tour is completely booked out for me. And I get the day time hours to look around the city, get a massage or relax with a book. I need to enjoy my life to be a pleasure for you.

A deposit means:
1. You are serious about the booking and not a time waster.
2. You trust me with your money, which means a lot to me. I can’t tolerate people who don’t trust me.
3. I can go and buy something special for our date.
4. On tour or overnight locally I can get a nice hotel for us.
5. I can get excited about meeting you, and chat to you on and off till the booking date, so we get to know each other a bit.
6. I leave the booked time for you completely, and hours (or a full day) before and after your booking to relax. I don’t double book someone else and then cancel last minute on one of you.
7. You show respect for me and this industry. You show me that you are treating me like a business woman by offering to secure my professional services with a deposit.
8. On bookings at my place on the Sunshine Coast I don’t always ask for deposits, but they are still appreciated. It means I’ll take more care preparing and doing my make up, setting up the room for us and not booking other people before you, if I’m confident you will show up, since you paid the deposit.

* If you are worried I’m not really me, well, we can talk on the phone, you can read my reviews, watch videos and look at many many photos and selfies I post daily on twitter (@maze_dreamz). Read my site, much written there about me, and my diary entries.

* The bank account is very discreet, I don’t see names on transfers, only amounts.

* If something unexpected and horrible happens to me like sickness I’ll obviously return the deposit if we can’t make a new date that suits us both.

I have to get going now, but hopefully this cleared some things up for anyone who was wondering…


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