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Who are the clients of escorts?

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Sometimes I see pity in the eyes of the gentlemen who come to see me. (Don't worry that pity doesn't stay there for long, as I fix their misconceptions quite quickly). Some have the attitude and the belief that they are my only nice client. I often hear "you probably see all sorts of weird people hey, I'm only here because I (just divorced / looking for a new experience / searching for something new and exciting / liked your writing / accidentally came across Scarlet Blue and saw your picture)....., and I like vanilla sex, not in to anything weird or painful…” Some comment how well they will treat me, as opposed to some others who would obviously mistreat a sex worker.

Let me tell you who come to see me. People from all sorts of social economic statuses, and I don't care as long as they can afford my fee and don't need to rob a bank for it. From many different countries (although the majority are Aussie), I've seen a firefighter, medical research people, dentists, plastic surgeons, various companies’ CEOs, teachers (lots of those), spiritual leaders (some who aren’t meant to have sex at all), farmers, electricians, government personnel, and the list goes on.

I don't care what clothes they wear, frankly I'm unlikely to even notice, I like the ones who smell nice. Yes I choose a lot in life based on my very potent sense of smell. I notice how they treat me, and 99% of my visitors treat me amazingly well. A lot better than my past boyfriends. They are a lot more sensitive to my needs and desires than my past boyfriends too. Certainly much more eager to please. Another thing I noticed, my dates when they had their fulfilment instead of rolling over to sleep, or sliding out of bed to get to the computer like the exes did, roll to give me a massage. Some of the most enjoyable massages I received were by my lovers not professional masseuses.

Why do guys seek out the company of escorts instead of dating? Ahh, silly question, why wouldn't they? We are the perfect girlfriends for hire by the hour. Like an interactive toy that you can put back on the shelf when you are done playing. We won't chase you after sex, we don't get needy, we won't take half (or more) of your fortune during a nasty divorce, we won't laugh at you to our girlfriends behind your back. We are more experienced in sex, more careful with STIs and know how to minimise risks, we have pretty much seen and heard everything so we won’t judge. We can teach you how to please a woman, best sexual technique. We would like to please you, not play weird relationship games. Our times together can feel as real as you’d like them to be. Pleasure is pleasure, whether you get paid for it or not, great conversations, romantic walks, fine dining, shared showers are just as fun as on ‘real’ dates. It’s all the fun without the baggage.

So much is expected from men these days, yet they don't get much opportunity to share their emotions or to vent anywhere near as much as women. I always enjoy having a deep chat and happy to listen to any past love stories.
Tending to physical and emotional needs of my men is as much a part of my job as shaving my legs or exfoliating my skin before dates. I might not have the perfect manicured nails or fake eyelashes, but my heart and mind are 100% on you during our time together. And I don't mind if you need to just have sex in silence (even thou if that is what you are after, you are unlikely to book this chatter box in the first place), to be hugged and held, to relax together, to dance, talk or go for a stroll. I don't want any pressure on you. Not to "perform" and not to have to choose your words carefully. I'm up for a good laugh, at my own expense too, you can't take life too seriously! As well as any deep and sad topics which might arise.

As escorts we need to be careful not to replace the whining wives our clients are trying to have a break from. If we tell a bunch of rumours and crap to one guy about our previous visitors, won’t he then think that once he leaves, he will be the one spoken badly about? Your next topic of gossip? Even if you do make a point to tell him that he is different, that he is special. Anyone with half a brain will see right thru it. If you are having a bad day yourself, or relationship problems, your clients aren’t the suitable people to be listening to all that stuff. Imagine a client turning up to a psychologist for treatment, and that psychologist spends half the booked time complaining about her hubby to you?
Guys are a lot more sensitive than they would want to admit, and often are very self conscious, and scared of doing something wrong. Criticising character traits even in another, will make that guy doubt himself. Why can’t we just make people feel good about themselves?

I got sidetracked yet again. Back to clients of escorts. They are just people. Majority at some stage of their lives visited a Brothel or a private worker. Many have those dates as a very regular part of their lives, coming multiple times per week.
I noticed that men who are getting physical fulfilment more often, and are very sexual beings, stay younger for longer. They look amazing even at 70.

Majority of the people who come to see me are very attractive. There is another misconception that only the ugly people need to pay for sex. It can't be further from the truth. I've had young, hot, smart, social and rich men show up too. Not my favourite type as they are usually pretty full of themselves, but yeah they still pay for sex. I've had some young, handsome and rich ones who aren't as confident but quite shy and modest, I love them much better.

Possibly I just see the best physical attributes and ignore the rest in both genders. Maybe I see a person's aura more than their physical body. But I honestly never thought "oh my god this guy here is so ugly and I have to have sex with him!"
However I did think a few times "this person is so up himself, why did he bother booking me? Could have done the job with his own awesome hand!" Nothing worse than a pushy, arrogant, entitled person. Thankfully I usually spot those early on, from first contact. Those won’t be the gents who read every word that I’ve typed over the last year to try and get to know me better.

Our visitor's marital statuses differs too. I get many single guys, majority in fact, but also many unhappily married, some happily married come with wife's blessing, others without as they need variety even thou they love their wife.

There is no type, social economic status or any specific psychological trigger. As humans we have the need to be appreciated, to be listened to, to have physical connection with another human. We also chase that excitement of a new connection with a completely new and unknown person. The excitement, and the butterflies. Some who go in to a serious relationship very early on, are now in their more mature age wanting to experience the excitement of dating.

Be respectful, be honest, and let’s just enjoy.

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