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A client recently asked me, if when they see me in a booking, will they be seeing the real me?

Lately I’ve been feeling more Maze than my “real” identity. I feel free in this fantasy world, I’m a muse, a dream for many. People who book me, or follow me on Twitter / FB love my quirks, my uniqueness.
If they don’t, they just move on to the next person! No harm done. Plenty of beautiful ladies around.

Over the Christmas period I got many more presents and wishes from my loyal clients and followers than I did from the “real” world’s friends and family.

The “real” world friends are getting further away as they feel I’m hiding something. Coming to my day to day job I’m finding myself having less energy to pretend I’m a “good girl” who has to fit in this society, can’t stand out, can’t be myself.

I often worry I might say something inappropriate in public, or make a joke that will be perceived as dirty, and god forbid say a swear word, as the good girl that I am supposed to be isn’t like it…

In this sex fantasy world, where I’m Mazikeen, I can be as devilish as I like. So yes, I’m starting to think this is definitely a truer me, than my other identity which has been modified by the constraints of society.

We often spend hours on end with my lovers discussing some philosophical, or sexual or spiritual topic with no judgement and no limits to what can be said.

For my clients it’s best to embrace the time we are together and our chats pre and post bookings and not try to ask questions about other people I’m seeing or my other identity. It only destroys the fantasy for them, and spoils my mood by reminding me of the boring parallel reality.

During a booking I’m 100% yours. I don’t think of others, I don’t go thru shopping lists in my mind or other distractions. It’s a real GFE. Sometimes with the bad that comes with it, haha.

However it saddens me if I have to answer real life questions and end up breaking people’s hearts. No, I won’t date you outside of work, outside of our fantasy land. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you! Not at all. You might be a knight in shining armour on the most beautiful horse and looking like the most perfect guy (or girl) in existence. But I don’t want to stuff up the fantasy. That’s why it’s so good. It’s temporary, it’s exciting, it’s fresh… it’s not “real”.

With hope of lot’s of love, excitement, new encounters and adventures.
Happy New Year!
Your Maze xx

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