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What does Passion mean to you?

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What do I like about this work? The compliments! No, really, it’s not the money, it’s the love I get from the beautiful gentlemen and for me learning to really love myself. The money lets me live an adventurous life with my damn expensive tastes, that I enjoy.

I like sharing some of those adventures with my clients. Serene boutique cabins to discover our passion in, 5 star comfortable hotels to role-play at, clubs where we can dance and tease knowing what will be coming next, classy restaurants with delicious tastes to tantalise the senses in, to watch each other eat, lick, all the accidental brushes against each other’s bodies, our feet playing under the table with a promise of later.. while the waitresses have no idea… our eyes meeting above the cocktail glass… I love dates that start in public, where we aren’t allowed to do what we so desire, it’s such an amazing tease. I enjoy having deep conversations and getting to know my date, their deepest desires, hidden fantasies, how they think and like to be pleasured. This way the date can naturally unfold in to unforgettable few hours, night or a weekend together.

I enjoy giving myself to people who chose me specifically as they liked my vibe, my photos or what I write, how I think. People who have invested their time in to research and planning can then get excited looking forward to the encounter.

After our time in public, going for a quiet walk, where some cuddling, kissing, teasing, rubbing while still keeping our clothes on is amazing, to feel the wetness building up, as excitement and anticipation are making our hearts bit faster, our pupils dilate, and we can no longer wait to head in for some private time.

To know someone so deeply, where minds, souls and bodies meet is an incredible gift. A magical, empowering time. When people click, can feel each other, they move in sync, predicting desires, movements, no longer too shy to speak up of what they enjoy, and what they would like more of.

Most people are stressed out at work, at home with families, kids, mortgage or various other day to day commitments, illnesses, worries. This erotic time is for the body and spirit to recover, rest while being in this fantasy land, an alternative reality, where all that’s said and done stays there, only between those 2 people, for no one else to ever know.

To be able to give this gift of freedom to people makes me very happy. To make someone laugh wth my crazy stories, to calm a stressed out person, to reassure an anxious one, to help with an advice or a physical issue someone might have, or to just temporarily help them forget where they are in life, a respite, some breathing space. A date can proceed in many different ways and directions. Whatever they need at this time in their lives.

Then with renewed energy and inspiration, my clients can enter their lives, knowing I’m always there for them, with photos, chats, twitter updates and visits whenever they like to escape again.

This is why I enjoy this work, despite all the difficulties it entails.

If you’d like to get to know me closer, I’m only an email away :-)

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