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We don’t just get paid for our time, we also get paid to stay away. OK, not quite, but it still works this way…

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A year ago, Jan - Feb I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people. Mentally challenging, interesting. Big bonus points. Actually thru the year I’ve encountered some fascinating gents. People I would have loved to stay in touch with, but majority of them disappeared like ghosts. Mental stimulation, people who make me “think”, are the ones I remember most. Not the ones with whom I had a terrific horizontal Lambada times.

I find it interesting how many men even thought they are paying for the intimacy, are still taking the time to woo me. Bringing gifts, spending time talking, complimenting, listening to me (and women say guys don’t listen!), basically seduce me, or seduce me in to seducing them, as I mostly attract the more submissive, quite, shy types. We click during the booking, and at the end majority talk about our next encounter, then a lot of them vanish in to thin air.

I get curious how their life turned out, what they are up to, but it’s not my place to send a text or email, as who knows who could see it accidentally. It’s our job to stay discreet, not to hustle and chat a new booking out of them, wait for them to remember us and get in touch when they are ready, if they ever want it again.

Guys could have many various reasons for never wanting to see us again, could be as simple as don’t mess with perfection, one amazing booking could be something to remember, and the possibility of being disappointed if the 2nd doesn’t go as well. Others might be scared of getting emotionally attached and hence looking for new ladies all the time. For some it could have been a once in a life time experience spending a night with a paid companion, while for someone else, they met their soul mate the following week and moved on. But we don’t know which it is, can only guess, Maybe he didn’t really like me, maybe I did something wrong… We can miss someone, and no one knows. We are curious but can’t satisfy our curiosity. We get paid to stay away.

I go to gym to be distracted, I catch up with friends and go clothes shopping, I read books and chat to gents who are happy to keep in touch, but even many of them, who do book me from time to time, waiting for a number of months to be in each other’s arms again can be hard. I do dream about my lovers, and hope to see them again soon. Still even with regulars I chat to, I can’t say “hey it’s been a while, when are you going to book me again?”

Recently I became kind of a “cry on friend” for a few, where they come in to tell me about their issues and problems, we talk a lot, I always like to help or at least try helping, but then when I see how our flirtatious relationship often turns in to “twitter friends only”. Yeah, friends zone! Damaging to SWs too. I get sad and wonder if I shouldn’t have been there for them, and kept our relationship more intriguing and romantic.

Yes, I do bring a lot of “work” home. I’ve done it in most of the various jobs in my life, it’s hard to disconnect one from the other. It’s not always a bad thing.

For this year I really hope I can spend some time on prolonged bookings with a few of my lovers, go on some adventures together, create more memories. I also hope that some people I’ve met a year ago, will come and say hi again and maybe reconnect. I can’t possibly be the only crazy person around who misses people who suddenly came and left. Or am I?

With my regulars who become close, our relationship naturally morphs in to some kind of friendship with sparks of intimacy, long chats in between catch ups, feeling comfortable together, and being able to build on from where we left of. No more *new person encounter anxiety*, only the excitement of seeing a dear friend for more fun times. I’m most grateful to people who decide to support me, and enjoy my company enough to keep coming back!
With each of you I have a different kind of relationship. Each one is unique.

Remember guys, it’s up to you to make the first step to re connect with your ladies, don’t think that if we aren’t nagging you, we aren’t interested. We are paid to stay away…

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