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Touring & recent trip to Sydney

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Going on a trip - never know what to expect. The excitement, anxiety, anticipation and curiosity mixed in a soup of strong emotions. As the adrenaline kicks in. My travel bug fighting with my introverted self.
Who will I meet? What would I see? How will it all go?
With ones who I’ve seen before, or spoken to for a while, the scales tip more towards excitement and away from anxiety.

On the day of the trip I often have “who thought of that!?” and similar thoughts going over and over in my head, as I have so much to pack, plan out, make sure to remember, be organised, get up early (never a favourite here).. It can be a nightmare…. especially if I have to take the shuttle to Brisbane, (I don’t drive - it’s safer for the world that way), the shuttle leaves a 20 minute waiting window gap, they always come at the end of it or even later, but I’m still standing with my suitcase outside waiting… (not being the most patient person… the struggle is real) then changing from a mini bus to their stinky, old, bigger bus and waiting for them to get enough people aboard, and drive for 1.5 hours to Brisbane, as those old buses are slow.

Then the rush in Bris airport only to find out the flight has been delayed again.
Anyway, you all know how that goes. I like the flying part, just not all that comes with it. Luggage, walking around the airport bored, buying stuff I didn’t need, wine testing I could have done without.. all from boredom. Dangerous thing this boredom for me…
Depending on how delayed the flight is, stressing about not having enough time to prepare for my booking, rushing around after the flight, exploring the new hotel, which sometimes can be amazing and fun and other times a horrifying, disappointing experience if it has been very much misrepresented on images and reviews online…

The trip to Sydney at least wasn’t as bad as this. I could leave from the local airport, the flight was only 1.5 hours, baggage arrived super quick, as everything seems to operate in Sydney in tune with my patience levels. My Uber rocked up within minutes of me walking out of the airport, took me to a hotel which was a very nice surprise - any hotel which is affordable, the staff are happy to keep bringing towels and blankets with no questions asked, and even when I requested someone come and turn my heater on (I couldn’t locate the remote control) which was right next to the TV - one place I never look at, they didn’t even blink an eye about my obvious stupidity. The place was large enough, plenty of mirrors, opening windows and nice shower.

I had enough time to unpack, and re pack in to my small suitcase, get ready, and take another Uber to my lover’s hotel in CBD. And what a beautiful place that was. Stunning view on to Opera house and my favourite Bridge.

Our night was magical, first we went in to the club room on top of the hotel with stunning airplane landing views for drinks, I was smart enough to only get a juice and nibblies at that stage. The place was quiet and romantic, we could talk, and I only hoped the people next to us didn’t overhear our juicy conversations…

Then we went out for a long romantic walk along the river and in to our restaurant, which was very special, with waitresses which were too hot to be legal. Imagine super models serving you? Was hard not to keep ordering food just to get them to keep coming over.
One of them recommended I get an alcoholic drink I never tried before. Which at first tasted just like juice, so I drank it too quickly, and wasn’t feeling too crash hot for quite a while later. I’m obviously a pathetic drinker! Very grateful for the support from my lover looking after me on our way to the hotel.

Afterwards, we spent many many hours in ecstatic state of bliss, trying different things, pleasuring each other, looking in to each other’s eyes, ahh, will always remember those intense eyes watching me… and just enjoying this stolen time together, before we attempted to sleep.
Must love a guy who truly enjoys massaging you.

Breakfast in bed, a morning quickie, more talking as I was too tired and lazy to get out of bed and get on my way… Could have stayed there all day…

From there I managed to get completely lost. Sydney has so many mountains, steps and walking in heels and dragging a suitcase while having no idea where I’m going, and being cold wasn’t much fun. My Google maps was so lost, with me. The tall buildings probably confusing it… And not being the type of person to ever ask for directions… So a 3 minute walk ended up being a 45 minute one, laced with much cursing.

Eventually I found my spa, for which a couple of sweet gentlemen gave me gift vouchers, so I could spoil myself getting lovely massage, facial, sauna and relaxation. I kept falling asleep, which was a bit of a bugger.
All rejuvenated I got out of there and after a bit of hide and seek with my Uber driver I headed back to my hotel to get ready for my bookings. The driver was really chatty, nice enough for me to keep talking to him, and I found out drivers get crazy bored, so if the passenger doesn’t chat to them politely, they rate them down. I didn’t even know I had 4 stars! What a pain in the bum that is. I prefer my silence or do some twitter / email catch up while I’m in their car. Now I have to entertain them as well! Wish more people were introverts…

At some stage late afternoon I realised I was starving. I went out and found a cute coffee shop with super happy staff. I’m amazed how happy and helpful people are outside of QLD… In coffee shops, and general shopping.. Makes such a difference. I know many won’t agree with me on this, but it’s just my own observation… I have bought many things because the sales girls were cute.

My next visitor was return, he came to see me at my place for a longer booking before. This totally showed how a 1 hour booking makes people rush, the energy just isn’t the same as when you know you can relax in to it…
I still had my orgasmic fun time, got myself worn out, lost count how many time I came…
Life of a highly sexual being, having people come up to satisfy me. Not bad…
Later that night, after some rest, a bath, many selfies and some chocolate that my overnight was kind enough to give me, I got to meet a very interesting person. And he also brought me chocolates.
I’ll definitely need a detox from all the chocolates I’ve been having lately lol
We had a very relaxed evening together, full of sensual light touches.
It was pretty late when he left, I spent the rest of the night chatting to friends, & reading my book with one eye (as my other went to sleep already).

That morning was very hard to get up! But coffee fixed me pretty quickly. Putting lingerie on, stockings and a sexy outfit got me the rest of the way to being operational.
A quick and passionate encounter visiting my regular at his nearby (thankfully!!) hotel, change of clothes and I was off to the airport, for some more wine tasting...

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