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With the New Year almost here I’ve been thinking over the past year, as you do… and my mind keeps coming back to the few people who vanished after our time together.

I pride myself in being quite intuitive, and yes I know we didn’t get along perfectly well with every single person this year, can’t please everyone, and having 3 - 4 guys who left with us both knowing things weren’t perfect, such is life, there were a couple of those I would never agree to see again anyway.

However there were 4 people this year, with whom I thought we had a great time, even as they were leaving they were paying me compliments, and talking about future dates, then they never reply to my thank you message. In fact I never heard back from them since.

I’m just dying from curiosity of what went wrong there. If they don’t like me, or simply don’t wish to communicate, they don’t have to book again, no one does. They could just say “thanks”, “cheers”, “welcome” or any other short dry reply which will make it not interesting for me to keep messaging any further. But the complete disappearance and ignoring me I’m finding bizarre.

I should let it go, I realise that. But I take everything quite personally. I’d prefer to know what went wrong, what I could have done better or differently. If I offended them somehow or what…

I’d like to improve, but it’s hard with zero feedback. Coming from a different (non Aussie) background, with my own pretty unique history and experiences, it’s easy to be misunderstood.

Lot’s can be worked out when discussed but not with a complete silence.

People make their own decisions.

Confused Maze

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