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The dirty and the naughty… Or is it?

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Interesting, today I’ve been told I’m always polite, never crude or rude. Umm, yes, I don’t dirty talk, I don’t swear (hell and shit doesn’t count, right?), I will calmly and politely speak to you, and whisper words in proper English as I ride you while having you blindfolded, or while I play with you with my toys (if you are keen for that), as I do my toy show while sitting on your chest with your hands cuffed behind your back, unable to reach me. I like to tease! As I soap you up in the shower and slide my body all over yours, or lick your neck and ear, bite your nipple, or do many other things I better not put here…

I don’t think sex is dirty, I can’t relate to genitals in a rude way, as they are our amazing pleasure centres, they give us such bliss with the right stimulation, how can they possibly be bad or naughty? I do like my whole body, but my clit, my nipples, ahh I enjoy them so much.

I obviously know the dirty talk vocabulary, and if you are creative with using it, don’t repeat yourself all the time, I might even enjoy it, anything said with a passion, any cursing and swearing during a peak is awesome! Basically anything real. However at the beginning of our play, extremely pretence, fake sounding dirty talk will make me laugh and pretty much kill the mood. I believe passion needs to build up, starting gentle, maybe with a nice massage, not an overly sexual one at first. Massage pressure on my lower back makes me crazy horny, however if you try and stick your fingers in to my butt straight off, well, it’s just awkward. Same as a good kiss has a start, a middle and an ending, it grows in passion, (if you’d like a demonstration - just ask), so is a fun sexual activity should evolve, in to something real, not be forced.

Porn these days has a lot to answer for. It’s not what it used to be, in my childhood, hardcore was a cheesy short story, then two, or sometimes 3 people giving pleasure to each other, hard cock, wet pussy, oral, groans. That’s about it. Nowadays, the fetishes, the weirdness, hard core often has BDSM, restraints, pain, humiliation, extreme dirty talk, gagging, chocking, slapping, spitting, hurting the partner, massive gang bangs… How can someone who get’s addicted to watching a lot of that, can possibly enjoy a normal, romantic encounter with a nice lady? It just won’t feel like enough. As people get more and more desensitised to porn, they need more stimulation, harder images, more extreme partners who will be happy to recreate similar scenes. There will always be escorts who are happy to do that. I’m not one of them. I might have a playful body, I love sex and pleasure a lot, I totally love to tease, and I enjoy learning new technique, getting better at what I do, exploring new feelings and positions, but I’ll never be in to pain, humiliation, discomfort or even any shape of imitating that with words.

With all my “head in the clouds”, spirituality, empathy and so on, I’m very down to earth and enjoy when things are real and truthful. A real connection, some laughs, some teasing, real affection towards each other.

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