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Sydney experience, thanks, and my likes

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It’s a wonderful feeling flying back home from a booking, or shall I say a date? Felt more like a honeymoon actually… and knowing you made someone very happy.

Overnights, extended overnights, 24 hour and weekend bookings allow for plenty of time to get to know each other on every level, to connect as lovers and become friends for hopefully a long time to come.

For long bookings we usually exchange many messages and chat on the phone to make sure we click and will truly enjoy each other’s company, before meeting up. I post many photos a day on my twitter, and some videos so people can see the real me, I write posts of my ideas, philosophy and thoughts, in as many words as twitter will allow me on daily basis. In case we don’t think we are a good match, or will enjoy each other, I would much prefer you choose one of the many other ladies available. We are all different, and will click with different people. Check out my twitter. @maze_dreamz

Anyway, I got distracted, still on a high from such a wonderful trip. What I was trying to say is, how grateful I am to have this life, of meeting new wonderful people, celebrating life with them, going out to classy restaurants, staying in beautiful hotels, holding hands and kissing like teenagers, and of course, the unforgettable hot sex where our bodies go wild for each other, with multiple orgasms, in many positions, pleasing each other over and over again. Without going in to the juicy details, I can just say that I’m always up for learning new things, to improve mine and my playing partner’s technique, to push the limits and take us to new levels of pleasure.

I like to invest the energy to getting to know the people I’m seeing. Sometimes it takes more than once, or hours before the person opens up, when stress, shyness, anxieties let go, and of course with each time we come together in our passion it can be only better and better, as we both let go more, know how to please each other more, where our erogenous zones are, how far we can push each other, what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why I’m not accepting many bookings. Some people been commenting I’m too picky and it feels like a job interview to be allowed to see me, but I don’t think it’s the case, I search for people who contact me in a respectful and interesting way, for someone who can add something to my life experience. I attempt to only see people with whom we have some connection and affection, to minimise any unpleasant experiences which are very possible in this industry. As I mention in my Bio I love shy people, modest ones, less experienced, people who would be happy for me to take the lead.

That’s in general terms, I have had an amazing experience with a gorgeous guy from Rockhampton with amazing technique who was obviously very experienced and crazy good at what he does. But he was still very modest about it and down to earth.
I also really like smaller in size guys, who aren’t a great deal bigger / taller than me, altho they are very rare to see, I seem to attract very tall and athletic guys mostly.

End of the day looks mean nothing, it’s the energy, the mental connection, compatibility in sex and what we are both searching for in life at that particular stage in life what makes an encounter unforgettable.
For me it’s very important for my play partner, male or female, to really like me and enjoy being with me. To like my looks and my quirky personality. I am very intuitive and pick up on people’s thoughts and energies a lot.

If you are still reading this essay that it ended up being, thank you. Appreciate the time you took to get to know me a bit better.

Love, Maze xx

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