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Relax, let go, and forget all the porn you’ve seen.

This will be better, come with me on an adventure.
This isn’t rabbit sex, this is passion, arousal and fulfilment of the body, mind and soul.

People ask me why I see myself as being devilish, and my name is of a demon, while I only offer GFE, and don’t do anything BDSM nor porny. So I decided to write another dairy entry about it. Althought it would have been better described by my gentlemen… This is inspired by a recent date I had which I’m still remembering with a massive smile and a tingle…

Some say I look innocent and angelic, but I love to push the limits of naughtiness. I enjoy surprising people. I’ve been learning about physical gratification from a ridiculously young age… I enjoy integrating sex in to daily life.
I like to tease and tempt you. Till you are about to explode, then tease some more.

My favourite is long bookings, mostly overnights, as it gives time to seduce you mentally first, getting to know each other over dinner, while testing the different cuisines. Then for lot’s of slow, passionate playings, when the touch has intent, putting all energy in to it. With my prior study of Reiki and some Tantric techniques, I believe in the possibility of volcano eruption as a result of a slow, conscious lovemaking.

I use lot’s of toys, and always expand my collection, just to add another dimension, to tantalise the senses. Without giving away too much… My equipment is for sensory play only, I don’t like hurting people, and I’m certainly not in to pain myself. It all is just to enhance the experience. I like when people trust me to blindfold and tie them up, when they let go, and allow for their body to be at my mercy, to not hold back the shudders & groans.

My personal little fetish, if you want to call it that, is doing something with the person for the first time. Hence why I enjoy less experienced people. I love giving pleasure, but think of me as a cat, I’ll do what I want, and won’t be told what to do. Altho I do take requests ;-)

To get me most aroused, allow me to play with you for an extended period of time, while you truly enjoy it, then give me a long, teasing massage, and I won’t be able to wait to become one with you. But be warned, in those circumstances I usually orgasm very quickly and powerfully, which often leaves me quite weak and wanting to cuddle. Oh, and hungry too. LOL All that energy needs replacing…

The more comfortable I am with you, the more relaxed, the better the experience is for both of us. Hence why return bookings are so much more fun. Building upon the foundation of trust and knowledge.

Trust starts with payment of a deposit, with being upfront and open in communication telling me about yourself, and of course being considerate during our date. I enjoy the gentlemen who spend the time preparing for it. Being a female, and a Leo at that, I want to spend time with people who really enjoy my company, who chose me for who I am and what I offer, as opposed to being available in the right place at the right time… another reason why I don’t do last minute bookings. I appreciate guys who have invested (more than money) in to seeing me. I believe that’s why I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people and have many unforgettable experiences with them.

With love and hugs,
Maze the naughty cat

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