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Questions that have been sent to me to answer.

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Q: How do you decide when, where & for how long to go?
A: It’s a mystery for me as well. Hehe. Obviously the universal forces have some influence… It starts from a long booking request. Or tickets sale, but that’s rare, as getting bookings with nice people is a lot more important than buying a cheap air ticket to a place… Sometimes it’s just my curiosity to visit a new place… Or to escape cold weather in winter…

Q: How do you choose accommodation? Many escorts advertise online that they only stay in 5 star hotels, but you are staying in an apartment recommended by a client. Is this common?
A: I’d visit 5 star hotels only, on outcalls. However when seeing a number of people I prefer apartments, for discretion. As well as extra bedrooms, washing facilities, more space etc For overnight bookings, when it’s just one date, I often go with very upmarket 5 star hotels, with room service for midnight snacks and lovely breakfasts.

Q: What do you want to see or do (alone or with clients – not counting taking bored selfies!), or where would you prefer to dine while on tour?
A: I like seeing each places’ touristy spots, architecture, shopping malls, views, scenery.
Really, to just get to know the city. I’m even enjoying seeing how different the bathrooms are in different airports hahaha. Some dates have taken me to see their favourite spots and it’s nice.
I like fancy restaurants with nice food and atmosphere. Generally I prefer Raw or Organic. I also love Japanese food. Small healthy meals.

Q: Is touring generally worth all the hassle, financially and emotionally?
A: It’s an addiction. Adrenalin rush. I don’t do extreme sports, but still addicted to high levels of adrenaline which I get while I travel. My sensing, intuition are at a high on tours, I get a rush. Of course seeing new places, and having the “me time” on airplanes while being stuck for period of time between sky and earth, is an amazing experience also. Lot’s of uninterrupted thinking time.
As soon as I return, so tired I need tooth picks to keep my eyes open, and I’m already planning my next trip!

Q: What advice would you give about touring to SWs starting out?
A: Take deposits for the value of trip expenses. Don’t book too many people in. Bring extra towels, sheets, body wash, condoms and more of everything. It’s the worst having to run shopping at the last minute… Get to know your dates before the trip for peace of mind and to avoid nasty surprises while away from home. Best to get to know some locals, SWs, security etc just in case you need help.

Q: Which future trips do you have coming up?
A: Rockhampton, Adelaide, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney. Check dates on Scarlet Blue profile. I’m also contemplating Cairns mid winter, and once it starts warming up again, I’ll definitely come to Canberra, and possibly Melbourne.

Q: What would make you leave this Fantasy Life behind?
A: If you are asking about a guy, then no, I won’t. Probably only a medical issue would. Hoping I can continue living it for a while yet…

Q: What are the highlights of your job?
A: Making people happy. When I know I truly made someone’s night. Meeting new people. People I never would have met otherwise…. And of course traveling to places I probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise… Also getting compliments, presents and feeling loved and appreciated :-)

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