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Part 2 for Misconceptions

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Touching at night / overnight etiquette
It’s beautiful falling asleep in each other’s arms after yummy dinner, scrumptious dessert, talking, cuddling, hot sex and so on, that’s the beauty of overnights. However once I’m asleep, please hands off. I never sleep deeply. You turning in bed / snoring / going to the bathroom is enough to wake me, if you touch me I get an adrenaline spike, and can’t sleep for a while after. If you touch me every hour, its a guaranteed way to keep me awake all night. Resulting in a very not happy Maze in the morning, and certainly not in any mood to play or have orgasms… I need 5-6 hours of deep sleep per night to feel alive and well. Ideally between 1am-7am. Once awake, we both need to brush our teeth, wash up etc before any morning fun takes place. I’m very much not in to kissing with a night breath LOL

I paid you - I bought you.
Nah. If that’s what you believe, please stay away. My dates and lovers enjoy pleasing me. They make sure I have a good time too. Their pleasure is seeing me having fun. To see that I’m truly enjoying their company. I can only provide a good service if I’m relaxed and happy.
If I’m stressed, uncomfortable, hungry, sleepy, scared of you, get a bad vibe from you…. you won’t enjoy the experience either. I’m not an actress, I don’t do it just for money. Money isn’t everything, I want to enjoy my life, the people in it. Again all respect to ladies who can push themselves to do very unpleasant things for the money, but that’s not for everyone. I love to give and to please, and feel terrible if you don’t allow me the space to provide the best possible experience for you. At every point of our encounter I’m choosing to be with you. You are paying for my time and companionship. You don’t own me.

If I paid for 24 (or more..) hours, she is mine all that time.
Being an introvert I loose energy when I spend time with people. I can easily do 1-3 hour booking and keep 100% attention and energy on you. However for longer ones, to recharge I need short periods of “me” time. Often just a 5 minute break, a bathroom visit, ALONE, is all that’s needed. I won’t stay away from you for hours! If I feel you are shadowing my every step, I get anxious. Thankfully majority of my dates are very aware and happy to give me a few minutes here and there, many even need the time themselves, to use the bathroom, to have a refreshing shower, to go out for some fresh air or answer their call. Then we can reunite with renewed passion.

Please don’t be a private investigator. I do have a strong dislike of them. I fully respect your privacy and keep all personal info completely between the two of us. I like and accept you as YOU. Please accept me as Maze. Don’t ask of my “real” name or any personal info. Don’t pry or try to create circumstances in which I’ll have to reveal it. You won’t get anything positive out of it. Believe me. At best you will get me in to my head and feeling sad, at worst I’ll just stay away.

Good Byes
When the time is coming to an end, it’s nice to have a last cuddle, finish the conversation, talk about next time or the experience. Don’t rush out if I mention it’s time. I do probably have other plans, and please don’t stay for ages once the time has ended, but you really don’t have to take your shoes outside to put them on there or run out without a shower or a hug. Some guys pretend time doesn’t exist and I have to keep reminding them to leave (NOT a nice place for me to be at!), while others have a full on freak out they will overstay 2 minutes.

Contact in between visits
I don’t mind in the least having some messages on a regular basis between visits. I’m here for you if you want to chat while you are coming down after the high of our date, or if you have any troubles in your personal life. I’m happy to keep in touch, but the messages have to have content. I don’t reply to “hi” “ how are you?”. I have a busy life with a few jobs, friends, gym etc. Interest me with your message, and I’ll happily reply. Over all I’m finding my lovers most fascinating, with vast life experiences, rich vocabulary and artistic talents. I enjoy our conversations in and outside of the bookings. Always finding something to learn from them.

This is long enough…
Thank you for reading.

Maze xx

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