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Identities and the multiple worlds we live in.

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Having to separate the worlds we live in, is it a positive or a negative?

Obviously the reasoning that it’s needed is the biggest negative.

(Some deep philosophical shit here, proceed at your own risk. ;-)

All respect to ladies who show their face, give out their “real” names and are out with their family & friends to what their profession is.

The fact that there is such a stigma to what we do, people are scared of us, scared of the unknown, we are always misunderstood. Everyone has something to say, and most of it isn’t nice. Even the remarks of curiosity and “I don’t judge!” is a judgement in of itself. All the prostitute jokes going around.. Like we are some evil. Not the love that we bestow upon our dates, not the emotional support and physical fulfillment.

The fact that I need to run around the house like a mad chook with her head cut off hiding multiple identifiable objects if any of my friends come in to visit, let alone nosy family members.
And still had a daughter of a friend walk out holding my vibrator once!
So many perfectly normal, everyday (for me) items, like condoms, lube, toys, whips, handcuffs, dildos etc become naughtiest to be hidden away.

The whole big sexual taboo, the stigma around accepting money for sex. such a sad reality we live in, when guys wonder if the experience will be real, since they will be paying me… the dangers we all face because of the attitudes..

Oh how I hate lying to my mum, siblings and my close friends, how I wish I could have shared the amazing experiences I’ve had, and talked about the awesome dates. But no, I can’t, they won’t understand…

My “day job” the well accepted one, is becoming more and more boring to me the more amazing clients I meet as “Maze”.

Possibly because being a Maze, and not quite “me”, is freeing up the real me inside, to come out. To burst out from within, to strip the social constraints, the learned behaviors, allowing the untainted child to come forward and learn life from the exciting beginning again. The *me* who still believes in the good in everyone. Wonder at the unique, sometimes bizarre experiences. Who is naive enough to believe, to trust. The *me* who hasn’t been dragged thru dirt by multiple people in a few countries, while trying to survive in this world, who became anxious and fearful.

Maze doesn’t answer to anyone, she is as free as they get, she lives in a perfect fantasy world of pleasure and love.
She exists to enjoy life, to bring happiness to everyone around her.
To tempt, to seduce, to exhilarate, to tease. There is no past and no future, only the thrilling now.

So yes, experiences are just as real! Possibly even more real.

If there was no separation of identities, I doubt I could have been as free and open minded.

If people were socially liberated, we would have had a lot less work. People would be getting their satisfaction somewhere else, much closer to them.

If escorting was fully accepted as a proper profession, we would provide a more or less identical, controlled service, and wouldn’t be all unique, various gems to be discovered, highlights of people’s lives, an escape from the boring, an invigorating retreat.

Besides, the feeling of doing something “naughty” often brings on the electrifying moments of excitement.

You know, before I became a Maze I thought I knew it all. From a vast experience in various sections of the adult industry, from being very sexually mature early on, playing with both genders and everything in between genders, I thought I knew what to expect. Now as Maze, I know not to assume anything. Until you’ve been in someone’s shoes so to speak, don’t judge, don’t even have an opinion!

Now I know there is a universe full of knowledge for us to discover.

Oh, I haven’t even had any drinks yet…

Imagine the 3AM discussions we get in to with my dates on overnights? LOL

Your Maze, who thinks too much…

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