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It’s easy - show me you are a human!
For the longer version…
Writing this in humour, and it’s not that black or white, many of my beautiful dates approached me with very unique, original lines which I appreciate.
But I do get oh so often, like almost on hourly basis people writing “Are you available?” “When are you available?” and many phone calls at night with no messages left. Makes me wonder, are those people actually trying to see me? Or just having a bit of fun calling? Well, nothing’s wrong with fun, and I am not annoyed, phone is on mute all day / airplane mode at night, but I do get curious about those strange “contacts”.

I’ve decided to write a very simple step by step way in case it helps even one person to do it, who otherwise was too shy, it would be worth it!

I’m here to make people happy! To give unforgettable fun experiences. To change some mistaken preconception of what coming to see an escort is like.

First thing first, read my page on Scarlet Blue then follow on to read my web site.
Make sure you are happy with the description of myself and what I provide - being a companion mostly, it’s a bit different, and I need to make sure you know that.

You obviously would have checked out my images, I don’t even need to mention that. But I do have many more pics and videos on my twitter @maze_dreamz so it’s worth checking them out. Please don’t ask me to text them to you. I won’t.

Would be great if you could read my Writings on my site, the reviews and any other pages you wish to read. The more research you do about any girl you wish to visit, the happier you will be with the right match! There is someone for everyone.

Getting familiar with my rates before contacting me is a great idea also. I think they are pretty straight forward and geared towards longer bookings and overnights, as that’s my speciality.
I do charge a bit more on tour, because of the extra expenses of travel (flights, taxis etc), hotels, food in restaurants, work I’m missing out on at home, and for not sleeping in my own comfy bed. I’m low volume, so I can’t spread the expenses over many bookings, as I don’t see that many people. I also try to get new hotel rooms for every booking.
Touring rates are under tours on my site.

Assuming you are happy with all that and eager to see me - how to contact. An email or SMS is best, or even both, to make sure I got your email and it didn’t get Spammed.

A great example of an SMS - “Hi Maze, I’ve read your web site, I could relate to a lot of what you mention, loved your photos, you are gorgeous! It would be lovely to spend an afternoon with you, on the Sunshine Coast, while I’m visiting there, on April 15th - 20th, let me know when suits. I’m after a passionate GFE, possibly with a dinner first to get to know each other. Chat soon, Roman”

The contact needs to tell me you read my site, you are aware of what I provide, state your location, dates, what you are after, especially if its any fetish or anything specific, give me your name, and in general just don’t be scared of using words. the more the better. I need to feel comfortable enough to want to spend time with you, to invite you in to my home, in to my body, to want to chat and cuddle with you, and get to know you better. If you aren’t capable of communicating, unfortunately I’m not a provider for you. I like to talk, and enjoy getting to know people. I’m very open too, and had lived a wild life, which many find fascinating. I enjoy compliments, and people who wish to worship my body, I love people who take an interest in who I am as a person also.

As previously mentioned, age is not an issue at all, but I prefer to see people over 21. Some of my best dates have been 22, 25, 27, 33, 35, 49, 50, 53, 67 years old. A few more over 50 but not sure of the exact age, and it really doesn’t matter.

Feel free to tell me your age, your occupation, hobbies and anything else you want to share.

It’s very very rare I’m available same day. It might be more likely for regulars thou.
So please give me some notice.
I do work doing other jobs also, I could be already booked out with a client, I could be in the gym or shopping or catching up with friends. I won’t drop everything to rush and get ready to see someone I haven’t met before. I certainly never sit with make up done waiting for someone to message me. Kudos to girls that have that patience. I’d have an anxiety attack if I was literally “on call” all the time. And that wouldn’t be very sexy at all.

I like looking forward to my dates, preparing, buying new items, setting up the room, the temperature just right, getting myself in to a horny mood, and then having the best sexy times with someone special.

I enjoy this work, who can blame me? I even get massaged quite often by some very considerate dates!

Ahhh just got myself horny again remembering some hot people I’ve met recently…

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