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Highlights of Escorting

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Has been the new chosen topic by my followers on Twitter for me to write about…
I won’t talk about the fancy restaurants / hotels / flying all around for dates, expensive gifts and payment for my time.

What will forever stay in my memory from this period of my life are the “small things”, which aren’t that small at all. The beautiful people I’ve met as clients, and the individuals who went beyond the expected to treat me so well.

The guy who was suffering with itchy nicotine patches and weird inhalers to not smoke in my company for our 24 hour booking.
The guy who made me ginger and lemon tea when my tummy felt off after a dinner we shared
A few guys who paid the full booking amount on top of the prepaid deposit, when they couldn’t make it to our date but wanted to make sure I’m compensated.
The guy who stopped having sex after my orgasm because on our brief pre play chat we discussed how women loose interest for a while after their orgasm often just like men do after ejaculation, and he didn’t want to make me sore by continuing and was happy with a HJ.
The guy who opened up to me about his ex wife and we talked for hours about his very intimate life… OK that was many more than one… but each was very important to me.
The guy with whom we were talking till 5AM while cuddling in bed about the life and the universe.
The guy who chose not to postpone our date when I got my monthly and was happy to spend the night in my company regardless of the lack of sex.
The guys who flew from interstate just to see me for a few hours, cause they just couldn’t wait.
The guy who kept telling me thru our 24 date to feel free to check my twitter and message to whomever I need to, which made it so much easier for me, as I do have a few people who worry about me, and being able to send them quick messages that I’m all good was a relief.
The guy who spent most of our hour together massaging me, just to make me happy!
The guys who left work or other commitments to pick me up from the airport, just to see me a little earlier than planned.
All the guys who offered their help when I was moving house.

There were many more very touching instances but I won’t bore you with any more of them.

I’ve spoken to a few other SWs and they have their own group of guys who treat them like princesses.

All this shows there is still a lot of good in the world, makes me feel loved and special, and worthwhile for doing this job.

I’ll never forget any of those people, whether we get to meet again or not, they will all be missed and thought of from time to time.

Aw, almost in tears now…
Your Maze xx

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