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Glossy perfection vs the yin-yang reality

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The thin line between being professionally perfect and perfectly real.

When a person hires a companion, for an hour, a week or a month, what do they want?
The perfect doll, who wakes up in full make up, wears only lacy g-strings and perfectly matching bras, elegant, expensive understated clothing, who never get’s headaches, never is sick or unwell, who doesn’t need any time for themselves because they are there as entertainer for whichever time they were booked, and all else can wait till after, who are always eager for as much sex as they are needed for, who has the perfectly matched political and religious opinions not to offend and who says all the right sexy things…
Are they searching for a real girlfriend for hire, who will be cheeky and quirky, real and natural, with comfy clothes (or without them), with cotton undies and maybe no bra whatsoever, who might sometimes not feel in the mood for sex, who is happy with no make up, messy hair, has opinions on various topics, who likes you for who you are, and tells you how she likes to be touched…

Obviously everyone is different. And their needs are different. Also the 2 extremes here, there is a lot of middle ground, a compromise, the grey area. In a short booking is much easier to be the sleek professional, as opposed to a full day, an overnight, not to mention a week, when all sorts of real life situations and hiccups might occur. Like getting hopelessly lost together for hours, and being unable to find the right lift in a hotel, while completely running out of play time before next scheduled activity.

In between bookings, I see some ladies openly chat on twitter about home problems, being unwell or struggling mentally, emotionally or with their kids, while others maintain a perfect “always happy” face to the public, with upbeat slogans, health posts, philosophical new age ideas and many pics of smiling faces.

Do you ladies see your regular lovers as friends in whom you can confide in various degrees of personal issues in between bookings? Do you search for sympathy while you are sick or low on bookings and money? Or do you believe that no one likes someone being unwell or down, preferring to book the forever strong, happy, bubbly people? Or do the forever happy, perfect, gorgeous people are annoying to anyone who had a shit day, or doesn’t feel beautiful themselves at the time?

As no person can always be feeling up and bubbly, and it’s rare to always be sick, angry and down. Life is a zebra of good and bad, just some people are better (or preferring) to show one side more than the other. When you search deeper everyone is struggling at different times, having self esteem crises, a scary hair day, hugging the toilet vomiting all night or feeling lonely.

When a lawyer shows up in to their office (or a doctor, or a teacher or a manager of a large company…) they don’t slugger around al gloomy, complain to their clients about personal issues at home, or vent about other clients who might have just pissed them off or wasted their time.

However as professional as we want this industry to be, and try to seem ourselves, we are having sex with people, we are bringing them in to our homes (even ones who only work out of hotel rooms, it’s still your home and space while you are there), and in to our bodies. We exchange energies with them, some believe forever, tiny specks of our spirits / souls are entwined. Many are memorable experiences, which will be with us till we are really old, on our death bed we might recall some of the crazy fun dates we’ve had. It’s personal. Human touch is personal. For some more than for others. Some are better at separating the emotions out of the business while for others it’s just life… and this work is part of it.

I’ve heard of ladies who will only do doggy style, not to look clients in the eyes, many prefer not to kiss, and lot’s who offer PSE only, the less chatting and intimacy the better, but they still allow those strangers in to a part of their world. Not to mention the ones of us who provide very intimate, low volume GFE, when each lover counts, when we feel true friendship with many.

Do gents who come to see escorts want to be special, liked, desired, do they want us to look forward to seeing them (and not just their money), do they want us ladies to care for them personally? To be friends?

At what point does the put on perfection, and the reality cross? At different points for different people, and at different points on various dates too.

Some lucky to have the perfect time together when everything just clicks in to place, from a good hair day to the perfectly matched level of horniness and green lights on the way over.
Other times crap just seems to want to keep happening. Sometimes I can see exactly why, there might be a reason, for one or both our benefits for now or for the future as to why things might seem to be going wrong at the time, other times I don’t understand it.

I might have the best intentions for making a blissful couple of hours for my visitor, then an out of the blue hiccups occurs, and I will forever remember and appreciate the gents who were kind and understanding, supportive and didn’t expect more than I could provide at the time.

When I travel the chance of shit hitting the fan is higher, whether it’s a very delayed flight, lack of towels in the place or something else bizarre and unexpected that can throw a schedule out. Thats why touring is so much more stressful.

People like the couple I’ve recently seen in a hotel who shared a towel even thou I gave them 2, as they knew towels were very scarce, and others who were so amazing, those are the guys I’ll remember when I’m old and wrinkled, I’ll sit there with a smile on my face, and chances are, won’t be able to confide in anyone about the reasons for my smiles.

In deep thoughts, your Maze

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