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In the world where we’re all just trying to make money to survive, with limited time, very little social support, where friendships aren’t as strong as they used to be a few centuries ago (based on literature I’ve read anyway), when people judge each other based on how much they differ from themselves, instead of supporting and revelling in our differences, it’s difficult to do something different without seeming either crazy or suspicious or something even worse…

I wanted to write about GFE (girlfriend experience) Maze style. This is about myself only, some others might offer a similar service, or a completely different one. None is better than another, we all choose who will click with. Who is more suitable to what we are looking for at this particular point in time. You should read each lady’s profile in detail, if she has Twitter follow her there to get to know personality, don’t just look at images, as the over all experience that you will have with each of us will be a compete package, incorporating mental, physical, emotional connection, you won’t be masturbating with an airbrushed photo… Or you might as well just print one in large size and lock yourself in your bedroom / bathroom and save some money!

The experience with me starts with the booking process, not in every case, as I find some gents have zero interest in chatting to me prior or after our date, but in majority of cases we are starting to communicate and get to know each other from the time of the booking till our date, and if all goes well, afterwards too. Each booking / connection is unique, not all guys want the same thing from it, many interesting conversations and growth comes from an encounter. When things go right we make new memories, learn something from each other, experience temptation, passion, caring and lot’s of lust. Many of my lovers keep coming back on a regular basis, and we develop real friendship with the side of lovemaking, and true caring. For others it’s once in a life time experiences either because of a geographic issue, another commitment, money or psychological reasons, but if we clicked we can keep in touch and stay connected.

I don’t see it as work only, make money and move on to the next person. I invest my soul in to our sessions, and truly like to get to know my partner. I often get sad if we have to say a permanent good bye, but I realise it’s life, not just because I’m a professional but it could happen to anyone. Ships pass each other at sea, and go their seperate ways. Many will stay as memories, others will be forgotten. Some make a positive difference in my life, others is just a name with a $ sign.

If you want to be that unforgettable client, someone I’ll be remembering with a smile in years to come, if you even care for that to happen, it’s not difficult, just be a good, respectful and considerate person. You are all different, I get people who care about me having a good time (not just having the first orgasm, but actually enjoying our time together on every level) more than about their own pleasure, while others see me as a piece of warm meat, and yes I do my best to avoid encounters with such. Money won’t be enough to make me feel happy if I’ve been mistreated, abused or assaulted. Hence the screening, and the chatting prior to our date to get the vibe, and see if I will enjoy it.

Happy Maze provides a much, much, much better service. If I care about you as a person, I’ll be open, relaxed and you will enjoy yourself so much more than if I’m on guard, cold or counting the seconds before I can get rid of you.

My services include sincere affection, but since I can’t fake it, and I don’t like “acting” (and am really shit at it anyway), my respect and affection need to be earned. I have a natural curiosity about people, their lives, what makes them tick, how they perceive reality, what their purpose of life is, and our conversation often get quite deep, although not always, with some we had fun discussing some very superficial things like books, arts, movies or comparing travel experiences.

I’m a passionate lover in bed when feeling relaxed and happy, I don’t hold back, really enjoy pleasing, my favourite activities are sensation play, blindfolding you, and doing many other things which I can’t list here. As much as I enjoy it, I don’t see our horizontal dance as the main point of the encounter, although an important part of it.

Like the gifts many choose to spoil me with, being something special, making our relationship more real, by getting me something for me personally, something for me to keep and remember you by, I give back parts of my soul.

Our shared experiences in the bedroom or outside of it, is another big part of the GFE. Eating out in beautiful fine dinging restaurants, going to watch a movie or a show, visiting the Zoo or just walking along the beach holding hands or cuddling on the sofa, sharing a shower and washing each other’s backs, it’s all making it more special.

My approach is obviously not for everyone. I tend to attract single / free people, I don’t meet too many married ones, although I do see some. I can see how some who don’t want any baggage, and want a light quick sexual only experience, with no thinking and effort involved, I’m not the top choice for. I do get some guys showing up and the depth of discussion doesn’t go beyond the weather, even had some who basically didn’t speak to me the entire time, those are the ones that tend to get forgotten. Even if the physical experience was great.

I get aroused by mental stimulation, people who challenge and make me think, my sexuality seems to be deriving from my brain, not from my clit. Hence the person’s look or age, or gender doesn’t matter. I’m happy to see men or women or anyone in between who are outside of social constraints.

I don’t provide PSE (porn star experience) not because I don’t enjoy spunk in sexual play, but because the connection of the souls seems to be missing in porn, it’s a gratification of the bodies coming together for a hot exercise. I use the gym for that. A person, a human is so much more than that… Also don’t enjoy pain, and don’t like causing pain to others. I have no links in my brain between pain and pleasure that many seem to have developed. I don’t get fixated on physical details.

One last thing I’d say, if you actually managed to read this far, we will get along just fine. LOL

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