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Festive season isn't happy for all...

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The festive season isn’t a happy one for all.
For many various reasons there are a lot of very lonely, or sad people around this time of the year.
If you don’t have a big happy family around, who you enjoy, or at least some very close people (friends) who understand and support you, celebrate with you, cheer you up, it’s easy to go down a slippery slope of depression.

Just wanted to say we are here for you. Many of the workers are happy to spend time with you this season, and we can certainly keep you entertained! Don’t be shy to reach out.

I’ll be available on the Sunshine Coast from now till the 30th of Dec, and happy to come to Brisbane for longer bookings too.

Hoping to travel up north for a few days at the beginning of the new year, Sydney mid Jan, then will be back here on the Sunshine Coast end of Jan. Let’s see where life takes me in Feb / March but if you’d like to see me in your city, get in touch :-)

Pre bookings are essential. I end up having to say no to 99% of people who contact me for last minute requests and it deeply saddens me. But I can’t drop everything I’m doing and rush to prepare, even if I did, I won’t be in the right mind set, and probably not that prepared and in the mood.

Wishing you passion and many orgasms this season,
Your devilish Mazikeen (Maze) xx

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