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Dressing up for outside dates
What to choose? Always seems to be a nightmare for me. And when I ask, if we had our dessert before dinner and my lover is here, the answer is usually “whatever you like”. Well I like to stay naked thank you. That’s not socially acceptable for some reason.

People say wear what makes you feel most confident. For me it will be tight jeans and a sexy top, or gym gear. Not exactly a posh restaurant attire! But I feel the most confident when I’m wearing pants, running shoes and no make up.

In the past women wore corsets, then fancy dresses and tall heels, and guys looked after their lady by always opening all doors, walking closer to danger, (like roads), letting them step on the widest side of stairs, putting their jacket on the ground so they don’t dirty their feel in some mud or water, held their arm so they didn’t stumble and twist their ankle, and so on. With a gentlemen like that, wearing outfits which are plain uncomfortable for life, is quite easy, even pleasurable!

Of course I am capable of opening my own doors, but I often feel if I need to wear heels, the least my partner can do is open doors. There is not much to me, and some doors are heavy when balancing in heels!

Dating in the modern world is getting more and more casual nowadays. Pretty much no one from the young guys open doors these days, and many girls would even get angry if someone opened a door for them, and the dress code in most places is becoming more and more casual to match.

In the escort client world there is still that fantasy, the wooing, expensive, high class lady getting dressed up, gentleman shows up on her door step with gifts and flowers and opens all doors for her as they go to their exclusive restaurant.

Once you get to know a person, it’s easy to tell if it’s someone who will appreciate the dressed up, well manicured lady, or if he will feel more comfortable with a partner in jeans and sneakers. I’ve met both extremes, and getting the wardrobe wrong is pretty bad in both cases.

Wearing heels for a guy who walks 5 meters ahead of me, forgetting me somewhere behind him, lets a heavy door slam in my face, not worrying about how I’ll hop in the car with my long (or too short) a dress, walks away from me when I’m balancing on some rocks, or just feels uncomfortable because he rocked up in jeans, is just awkward. I’ve had guys get very shy and quiet because they felt I’m out of their league in my dress up. Same goes for when a guy wears full designer gear, 10K watch, and is very proud of his effort, and then I show up in a $100 casual tight dress with a $50 handbag. Embarrassing. Or even worse, if I wear pants since our plans involve a lot of walking and I prefer to wear some comfy shoes and go all casual, and he is used to dating ladies who will let their feet get destroyed but insist on wearing heels anywhere for hours.

When I used to go to nightclubs when I lived in Sydney, ahh how I miss those days, nights really, but I wore boots, to protect my feet from people walking on them, and I was still happy after an 8 hour dance, in the early morning, on Mardi Grass as the sun arouse I was still dancing. Pretty much all women around me were wearing high heels, and bitched and bitched and bitched about this or that in the bathrooms. They had to sit with their bruised feet in ice all morning after a night out.
I think I like my body too much for that.

Australia as a country is very casual. When I lived in UK, people had full face of make up and stylish clothes on the tube! Women walked down the streets as if they were on a cat walk. Russian ladies do their make up first thing in the morning, and don’t even contemplate getting out of the house without their “face on”. When I lived in different parts of Europe and went out to any party, I knew putting my best clothes and make up is the right thing, to fit in, to not be starred at.
Here, often showing up in make up to places I got starred at, as no one else had make up on.
It’s more awkward for me to wear make up and a dress in a place in which majority are in casual attire, than to dress down in a venue in which majority went the formal way. In a strip club Penthouse party I came with a friend to check out the dancers, so I wore jeans and no make up, and got asked for sooo many lap dances! Don’t think guys could tell I wasn’t wearing stripper clothes?!

My personal taste is a bit weird for the locals. I like a lot of European fashion. What’s popular there now, is often seen here as the 70’ or 80’ or just retro. I rarely get compliments when I wear those strange outfits, most people here seem to prefer a little black dress over something fancy.

What I personally like to wear, and for my men to be wearing is very different to what the fashion or designer industry are claiming is in at any given point in time.
I can look at a person and know if he has taste, I obviously know if what he is wearing is attractive or not. But to save my life I couldn’t tell which designer brand it is or isn’t.

Matching the dressing style is important to me, if we go out as a couple. I don’t like being the candy on your arm. Like wearing a long dress with a guy who is in shorts and a t-shirt.

I love good quality clothes, nice materials, but so many designer wear is made with what to me seems an unpleasant synthetic stuff, or is made for bigger women, doesn’t fit me at all. Also knowing how many people in the world are dying from hunger, or are unable to buy a bottle of water outside of home while dehydrating in the heat, or a new toy for their child, and some of my relatives are in such poor conditions, how can I possibly spend 4K on a hand bag when a $50 one does the same job? Of course I won’t say no if someone wants to gift me one of those lol

Obviously if you are a real part of the upper class world, and have nothing in your wardrobe that’s not a brand name, fly only first class, and use cash for toilet paper so to speak, it’s a different story. While I feel that even thou one set of my grand parents in their days were the upper class, it was a very long time ago, and I grew up pretty much in poverty until I started modelling and could afford most things I wanted, and to see the world. If I randomly buy a few designer dresses and shoes, I would only feel like an imposter in to that world.

Just some thoughts… excuse the ramblings… they are my feelings only, I don’t represent anyone else, and only at this point in time, I’ve thought different in the past, and probably change my opinion in the future… so don’t hold me to it.

What I was trying to say, is a clear indication of how you’d like me to dress up for our date would be very appreciated. Not the exact outfit, more the style.

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