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Hello guys, it’s been a while since my last diary entry, as I started writing a blog on my site, but this I thought was important enough to put here, and hopefully more people see it.
Bit worried I've attracted a crowd with all my recent nudie pics on Twitter who doesn't yet know I'm about connection & conversation, intimacy & slow enjoyment. Not a play doll / sex machine. I’m a nudist, hence love being in my birth suit. With the weather warming up, I’m enjoying the warmth and the ability of lazing around with no constricting clothes on.
Yes I enjoy the physical aspects of sex, when two (or more) people come together to experience physical bliss, however it isn't fun without a connection. Hence why I'm being very picky with seeing only a select few. Not being up myself here, but if we meet I want to be able to satisfy your needs not disappoint. I've been contacted by many recently who don't realise I'm choosing my dates too. You wanting to spend time with me, isn't a guarantee we will meet. So the best way is to message me as much as possible about yourself, and your expectations for our encounter. It's much appreciated if you can show in your message to me that you've read my site. 
I don't discriminate on age, appearance, gender, ect but I do like more modest people, shy, deep thinkers, philosophical, with something interesting to tell, with a sense of humour and intellect. It doesn't matter if you are a scientist, a doctor, a plumber or a farmer or retired. It’s your inner world I’m interested in.
I value my time and respect my body. Our lives are so very short, they will be over in a blink of an eye, we don't know how soon our last hour here would be. I try to enjoy every moment as much as possible. Cherishing all the experiences and absolutely adoring the gentlemen who come to spend time with me. 
I'm not after the money for the sake of making as much of it as possible. You can't take it with you on to the other side. I like to have enough for a comfortable life with my expensive tastes, but I do not wish to suffer in earning it. 
To summarise, and sorry for being so blunt here, but I am trying to keep this short: When I see someone who I help on any level, it makes me happy, fulfilled. Whether its advice they needed, a huge hug, feeling appreciated, learning some new sex technique, having someone to listen to them, going out to their favourite attraction with someone, whatever it might be… However if all the person wants is a quick roll in the sack with a pretty lady with abs and a nice arse, there are so so many stunning girls around who would be more than happy to meet you. I’m not the person for you. I am here to be a friend and a lover to people who need me, who appreciate me and my affections, looks are so subjective anyway.
Have a great week guys, and if you think I’m the right gal for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch! xoxo

P.S. I’m not a porn star, never have been and don’t aspire to be. All respect to providers who can see many people a day and who provide PSE services.

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