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Warning: Feelings and emotions are mentioned in this writing. If you are allergic to such words, please move to the next one.

For the past year, I believed that to provide an authentic GF experience to a person who has chosen to spend time with me, the essential part was to establish a connection, to find mutual interests, learn from each other, take real interest in the person, create memories together, as opposed to just seeing them as a passing client. Meet up, talk about the weather, have sex, say good bye, not talk to them till next booking.

However, where is the dividing line between a good worker doing her job well, and true friendships forming, real life connections, when the fantasy world of the booking is leaking out in to the caring of the next level?

It seems reasonably clear to me. Some of my dear clients, who I call my lovers, (as yes we meet up to make love and be close and intimate together), are such beautiful people, make my time with them super special, they are as eager to make it memorable for me as I am for them, showering me with gifts, attention, massages, fine dining, great outdoor experiences, romantic hotels and cabins, our conversations are deep and interesting, and I’m having the best times of my life with them. Of course I look forward to seeing them again the most. I get sad when our time together has come to an end, I often think of those times and dream of reliving them. I’m excited when they want to book me again, and count days till our next escape together. In between those times I enjoy chatting to them by email or on Twitter, showing off my images and videos to them and hearing how their day has gone, and of course being here if they need to vent over anything or talk something thru with an outsider to make a decision.

I don’t see a problem with the fact there is more then 1 of those people. I’m actually damn fortunate to have a few close connections. I have enough heart to care about more than one person, and with them all being completely unique and different from each other, in age, background, character and looks, it is very exciting for me.

However lately I’ve been noticing a few negative feelings from some of them whenever I tweet about a great time spent with another. It saddens me. If they had a fabulous date with another person and were happy - it will make me happy for them.
I want to be able to freely share my excitement about seeing someone or receiving a cool gift, or having a great time on twitter without having to worry that someone else will have a melt down over it.
Same has been recently with the reviews I am getting. I hope we can all be mature enough and confident in ourselves to give each other some breathing room and trust that our connection is just as real despite not being monogamous. Every person adds something to the knowledge, energy, spirit.

A more difficult topic which I was thinking of over the last few days, and still unsure of how to put it in to words properly, without offending or hurting someone…
Some gents lately, openly or in a very subtle hinting way brought up the fact that despite me saying we are having a fabulous time, they are still paying me. Some people on Twitter put forward their opinion that it can not be real if there is money involved, or at best, they can never know if it’s real or not, as ladies can always pretend they like them to be paid, just to get work. I think that’s where a lot of self confidence - or lack of it comes in, as well as the ability to read people.

How do I explain that not charging for a sexual encounter will be like walking across a minefield? Opening a Pandora box? Jumping off a plane forgetting your parachute?

That suddenly from a controlled, happy, fantasy land arrangement, we will end up in the grey day to day life where nothing is as sweet any more. Where you will have a lot less control over everything. Where heartache will be real and much closer and arrive sooner.

I have been in a number of relationships in the past, which seemed perfect, we were soul mates! Which then quickly proceeded to crash and burn. I much prefer the forever happy ever after of the bookings arrangements.

Yes there is still pain, it’s in a way like having a long distance relationship in which you only get to see each other from time to time.
Except I have less control over it than you do. I can’t book you to book me. I can’t even tell you I miss you, or message you with some cool destination idea, or the fact I’m hoping to come to your city without you suspecting I’m just looking for work. Gee, some people even mistake my friendly chit chat on Twitter as a way of gathering business.
As I obviously can’t possibly enjoy talking to intelligent people who travelled all over the world, most of them are older than me and have a great life experience, are nice to me and make me feel loved and special… yeah, why would I do that?

Recently a number of you were wondering what you are even doing in this world of escorts instead of finding love in the real world.

Here are my thoughts on the topic, if anyone is interested…

While the idea of one true love is beautiful, very few people are ever fortunate enough to find it. When it comes it’s in the most unexpected places and ways. How many of you have found your soul mate off Tinder? To me it seems like a very strange and dangerous way… more likely to get hurt physically and emotionally. You don’t need to be free of escorts to find love. It’s not like any of you see us every day of the week! Once you have met someone who you like enough to give it a chance, you can cut down on seeing us. Many people are lonely, go on without sex for years, but they haven’t discovered this world of hired companions yet, it’s so much harder leaving it once you know what it offers.
I hope we can inspire you to make positive changes with your health, teach you a thing or two sexually, technique as well as safer sex practises. Make you happy enough to project that happiness to other people to attract similar kind. In the mean time, isn’t hiring lovers, with any looks and personality you wish, as many as you wish, on any day, to go together to any destination sound a lot more fun?

I have a lot more to say which I might do privately, this is long enough. Thank you to whoever read it till the end, and if you think I’m weird for thinking all this…. Well, you are probably right, I am.


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