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Another day at the office or Client’s misconceptions

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At the risk of pissing a lot of people off… Please take it with a bit of humour, and its not intended for any one of you in particular either!
(This is about me and my experiences, not speaking for any other ladies, althou it obviously could apply to others also).
Firstly let me just say that I adore my lovers, and majority are very tactful, considerate and amazing people. In fact, some of the best I’ve met in my life.
But those things here have been brewing for a while, and needed to be said. I have written “Highlights of escorting” where I went in to details of some of my amazing encounters and my gratitude. Here’s the negatives… Hope it helps someone…

Part 1

Guys often think they need to come across confident, strong, self assured. No and no a 100 times. I prefer the shy ones, the modest ones, the ones who’s hands are shaking when they come in and they mumble something unintelligible when they see me. What I’m saying is you don’t *need* to be confident and cool. Obviously I don’t mind associating and playing with people who have managed to build their confidence already. We have had most interesting discussions with people who posses that assurance, and have found their place in life, are confident in dealing with females. Respect is all that’s needed. You can’t fake confidence, just as much as you can’t fake being modest. I’ve had some who tried, both.

A guy who comes to see me doesn’t need to “perform”, to have the perfect sized dick that is controlled like a well manufactured computer. We are all people. Here to enjoy some intimacy and get pleasure from the encounter, it’s not about the sex.
Once guys stop overthinking the situation and fighting their demons in their heads, the equipment works just fine. Just get that pressure off yourself. Of course not having too many drinks, and having some good night sleeps beforehand helps a lot too. Long bookings work much better with people who tend to overthink and stress themselves out.
You don’t have to give me mind shuttering orgasms for us to have a wonderful time together. Some think they need to trade sex for intimacy. With some we might have an unforgettable sex at night then wake up completely non horny in the morning, and sometimes people feel they need to go thru the motions not to disappoint me. I’m very happy to share a hug, a shower, some breakfast and see how we go… Communication is the key.

I get people who tell me how many showers they’ve had, or even go in to mine and stand there for ages. Then they come out and I just want to die from the smell. Important. Wash your bum! Open it, and wash inside the cheeks, with soap, for a while. Don’t be scared to touch there. It’s your skin! Assume it stinks and make sure it doesn’t. I have a sensitive nose, please don’t put me in a really uncomfortable position of having to either go and wash you myself or suffer and not come too close to you for the entire booking.
Armpits, they stink too, especially if you are nervous. Opposite hand washes, you can’t do a good job if you use the hand from the side of the armpit to wash there.
Your abdomen area rarely smells, it does not need 5 minutes of round and round washing. Clean the belly button inside thou.
Clean your ears, I might want to lick them. Wash around them with soap.
Wash your cock including under the foreskin if you have it. My face will be very close to it.
Your face is a good place to not ignore as well. Please then dry yourself properly. Otherwise we end up playing on a wet bed.
When someone smells very clean, everywhere, and has some perfume on, I really do appreciate it! I want to eat them all up from excitement.

Many message me saying “I’m clean”, in my mind I read it as, he has no concept that majority of STIs don’t show any symptoms and never get’s checked as he “looks” clean. Not a positive. As opposed to a person showing me a text from their clinic to say they have done a test very recently. THAT gives me a lot more confidence and reassurance. Lot’s of special surprises, extras and priority bookings to guys that do that. Thats being said, I won’t provide non safe, uncovered services. Certificates and all. I love to suck on chocolate condoms, no calories, and all the yumminess. From my experiences when guys are blindfolded, they can’t tell the difference anyway. When condom tears during sex, guys don’t notice. My health is the most important thing in my life, and I’m also responsible for your health while you are visiting me.

Porn actors image
When in another worker’s review a guy is describing or hinting at jack-hammering an escort for hours on end, obviously believing that he is doing so well, ego swells with pride, he is such hot stuff. Any girl’s dream right? For me, and majority of courtesans I know is enough of a reason to refuse seeing him. Without knowing if he indeed was, or just making himself out to be, it’s not a positive. When intercourse in the same position is going on for ages, makes me very sore and often quite bored. I like to change positions and activities. It’s also not a compliment if I had my orgasm and the guy is still going on and on. It feel like he isn’t finding me attractive enough to cum. Like a good music or dance, it needs to progress in some direction, have a flow. A doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof of pounding for 15+ minutes is well…. boring.

Self proclaimed gym models
Others message me describing their looks in major detail. Including “I’m cut”, “I’m very fit”, “I lift 200 kg weights”, I see it as, either they are boosting for nothing or they might be too overpowering for me. If they are fit, good on them! I’ll see it on the day won’t I?

Young stuff
Another favourite is of guys or even girls writing their young age and asking for a discount “we are a hot couple in early 20s”, “I’m a 22 yo and will give you unforgettable experience”, “Can I see you now? I know it’s 3AM but I’m young and hot”. “I’m young and I love foreplay, you will have many orgasms with me”
Physics appearance mean nothing to me. I do of course have my favourite looks that to me are sexier, of course there are people to whom I’m physically more attracted to, but they are not by any means those “standard” ones. I must admit I do enjoy smooth skin thou. Majority of escorts that I know, would prefer a polite, respectful, gentle 60+ year old to a model looking, arrogant 20 y/o. I have had some stunning looking young guys who were the most polite people I’ve met. But they weren’t the ones who asked for a discount. Their age wasn’t a factor. They came across as old souls in young fit bodies. I have had some great workouts with young gym junkies, but I’ve also had them with a number of 70 year olds. One is not preferable over the other.

To be continued....

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