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Just some thoughts while I'm lying in my hammock by the side of the pool, and hopefully an explanation as to why I only see people who pay deposits, pre-book and even then I can't see too many. 

I've been in various sections of sexual entertainment for many years. As a model (6 years full time), dancer (that lasted 1 day but still...), masseuse (that one wasn't meant to be erotic as my remedial therapy / natural medicine / aromatherapy course was pretty full on, but all guys wanted in the real life was a happy ending). And lately as a companion. Which encompasses so many aspects of life in to relatively short sessions.

I need to be happy, bubbly, calming, reassuring, chatty, sexy, attractive, down to earth, with a sense of humour, to be leaving happy memories. Real enough for it to be authentic GFE yet fantastic and unreal for it to be worthwhile. Be able to speak on any topic. I need to tempt and seduce absolutely anyone, and since everyone is so very different personality wise and what they enjoy sexually widely differs too, and majority aren't forthcoming in giving me any info on that, I have to work it out in minutes and get it right. My empathic abilities help there, but it still causes tension. 

On top of that, by watching, I'm changing people. Return clients aren't the same, they come back already different. So many of them loose weight in between bookings and seeing me or between our meet ups. Even thou I keep saying weight / looks don't affect me. Many of them are more open to the universe and it's energies. Most of them are a lot more confident on return encounters. Some of them a lot hornier too. But my point being, I need to adapt all over again. 

As a person who loves being nude when it's warm but wear very baggy clothes when it's cold, I don't enjoy much the tight outfits and lingerie (which often feel pretty unpleasant on my sensitive skin), and jewellery which I wear when I meet my lovers. 
Also in real life I don't like make up. Since my modeling times I'm used to make up being for work only. 

I enjoy being alone and never get lonely. Hey, I can have the best conversations with myself! Does it make me crazy? Yeah, probably. 
I'm happy to curl up and read a book for hours or even days. Walk in nature and swim naked in the ocean. I love spending time with animals. Listening to the sounds of nature. Also flying on airplanes, watching the city lights way below, having time to think and analyse, wonder about the universe and everything in it.

I'm also pretty lazy. There, I admitted it. When we book in our date in advance, I get ready for it mentally days before, and physically on the day by doing all the girly things, I won't bore you with the long list here. 
Hence why I require a deposit and won't see anyone without it. I would hate to go thru all the preparations and end up sitting around with nothing to do. And I'll be too cranky to try and get another booking anyway. Part of my fee covers that mental expansion of energy in preparation for our time together.

When we pre book I enjoy having a chat leading up to our encounter to get on to your wavelength so to speak. So we start clicking before we even meet. It's more stressful for me to see clients who prefer zero communication from the point of booking till our date. I enjoy hearing that you are counting days, that you are excited and looking forward to it. However I don’t need to know about your hard-ons, until I’m there and can help you enjoy them ;-)

Time with me is more than just sex, that's why us getting along is so important. I strongly believe a connection and time spent doing various activities and chatting is a prerequisite to great intimate connection and hotter sex. The tease of the anticipation.

Obviously there are many guys who just want to fuck and don't care about the lady at all, in and out of this industry, but those aren't the lovers I'd like to meet. There are plenty of providers who prefer to go straight to the bedroom and not talk, they are perfectly suited to each other. I had a boyfriend like that when I was 15, and that was plenty to last for the rest of my life…

Since like any other introvert I loose energy being with someone, that includes people I enjoy and adore being in their company, I still need solo time before the meet up to prepare and after the meet up to recover and process what went on. On long bookings, overnight and longer I need some quiet *me* time to recharge a bit. I can't tolerate when people start following me around including to the bathroom. Lol It sounds so silly when I write it now. But a couple of guys actually did... OK one of them was worried I’m going to do drugs in there. LOL He later admitted how silly that was. The other wanted me to *work* every minute of the time he paid me for.

I don't see many clients. Or try not to anyway. Sometimes schedules don't work out as I wish and I end up seeing a few people on the same day which exhausts me. But not seeing many people, as well as having other work and commitments, allows me to be picky with who I meet. 

Since starting to work as a professional companion I've met such amazing people, I never would have suspected they existed. There is still so much good in this world. 

Maybe I'm just seeing the best guys because I'm looking for people for whom it's important that I enjoy myself as much as they do. With majority of them bringing me gifts, taking me to amazing restaurants, giving me body rubs and many orgasms. 
My lovers are kind and generous. They never negotiate, if anything majority round up to a bigger amount. And it's not because they are rich at all, a lot of them need to save up for a long while to see me. They are normal regular people who love and cherish ladies. 

I wouldn't want to change anything. 

Time to get off the hammock before I have a heat stroke on this sun. Have a beautiful weekend friends.

Your lover Maze

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