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There are clients, and then there are friends and lovers…
Many clients are fun, I look forward to seeing them, they drop in, after the financial things sorted, we play, short chit chat at the end and say good byes. Many people have written about the etiquette for normal bookings. Usually the 1-2 hour ones are pretty structured that way and clear. I always enjoy reading how ladies put it in to words, “how to book an escort”, or “how to visit an escort”, what to expect, how to prepare. Scarlet Blue has a great write up called Etiquette. It’s worth a read!
My dates with my lovers are 3+ hours, often involving lunch or dinner, and majority are overnights. When there is no need to watch the time, we are in our own love bubble for many hours of bliss.
We talk and laugh, exchange crazy stories, dine and wine, we massage each other, dance together, and tease lots and lots before any playing is done. But when it’s time for it, the senses are at their peak, and it feels so amazing! We get to know each other on all levels. It’s a real fantasy, adventure in to the world of pleasure.
Because we often chat so much before the booking takes place, (once the deposit is paid), we sort out details and get to know each other, over the phone or Twitter / email / sms etc… Once we meet it often feels like long lost friends getting together again. This is great but sometimes it blurs the professional boundaries.

Back to the topic of this writing…

In the ideal world…..

The booking will come by SMS or email, but with a lot of details and info about you. You will be polite and honest, but in some way unique, and will say something unusual or something which makes me laugh. You will give me compliments, and be very happy to chat and answer my questions. You will be shy and modest. Even a bit anxious about seeing me.

Once we decide on booking duration, date and location, you will transfer the deposit.
Then we keep in touch on and off till the exciting day of our meet up. Feel free to send me your pics, so I have an idea of what you look like. Also any thoughts or desires for our time together.

Once we meet, you pay me the remainder straight away, if you don’t wish to make it too business like, you could always put the envelope together with a little present, to make it a gift you brought for me, not a payment for my time as such. (Recently done by a great guy which gave me this idea). It makes it sweeter.

I would love for you to take some photos of me, I like showing off myself to you, and all my lingerie costumes, outfits. Makes us both more relaxed, as no pressure for you to perform in any way, or even speak as such, and I get to flirt with you via the camera (OK usually it’s the iPhone). Then we both can look at the images once I put them on twitter and remember the fun night!

We get dressed up and head out to dinner to the restaurant we agreed upon in advance that you’ve booked for us. We spend a relaxed while there, chatting and flirting, getting to know each other a bit more.

We then go for a walk, back to the hotel or somewhere pretty, we cuddle and feel each other’s bodies thru clothing, just a little high school flashback but in a fun way! Haha.
It’s a blind date with a promise of erotic moments together later. Let’s cherish it.

Back at the hotel we gargle the mouth wash I bring, and head to the shower. I make it special, it’s not just a wash… But I do enjoy washing you too, and for you to scrub my back. It’s great having a helping hand, or two, in the shower.

Once we get dry, it’s a world of possibilities… We can drink, chat, or dance, we could play chess or head to the bedroom for a relaxing time.

I’ve recently been told I keep saying I like to please. Well, I do! But it’s only one side of the coin. True, I’m very good at pleasing myself. And you.
But if a guy is interested in learning how to make me very very happy, I have no intention of stopping him in that mission. I can teach the best ways to excite me. However that does take time. I like things slooooooow. To get fully aroused with you pleasing me (I get aroused quicker if I’m pleasing you, especially if I blindfold you and hand cuff you!), I need for you to tease me so much I’m begging for more.
More of that in private…

Once we are exhausted, we can sleep or cuddle in to the night…

In the morning, if you’d like a morning kiss and a play, please be courteous enough to get up and brush your teeth, gargle some mouth wash, wash your hands / face or even better, have a quick shower to freshen up. I do the same, obviously…

After the best start to the day imaginable, we have breakfast, as a room service or go out to a coffee shop. Where we can remember the fun we just shared, or plan our next rendezvous.

Once it’s time to say good bye, don’t be sad. We just had that experience together, something to remember, smile, and of course you can always book me again. With return overnights we get to explore more sexually, as we know what each of us wants, there is a lot more trust, and we spend less time chatting and getting to know each other, and more time satisfying our every need.

I met so many unique very special people since getting in to this industry. People that book companions seem to be more open minded and more interesting than the regular crowd.

This isn’t a set in stone schedule by any means, but over the last month I had 6 overnights that went more or less this way and were a success. I have people who have booked me for overnights over the next few months, and said they don’t know what to expect, so this is for you.

Give me your hand, allow me to lead you in to a magic night of lust….

Your devilish companion Maze xx

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