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A happy worker will make the client so much happier...

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Something that most people naturally understand, but some still seem to be missing… So I thought of writing it up, to hopefully clear it for everybody. This probably applies to all workers, but I’ll be speaking about myself only here.

“Happy worker = happy client!”

Will start from the beginning, a client that approaches me calling me by my name, introduces himself and gives enough details to save me from sending a 100 text messages back asking for every detail separately, saves us both a lot of time. Makes me trust a bit more, feel more comfortable and excited about seeing such an organised person, who obviously read my web site, which means he actually wants to book *me*, not just a warm body who happens to be available at a convenient for him time.

Next, *deposit*, if you pay the deposit for the booking easily, enables me to go buy something special to wear just for you, and often to buy a new toy or something else fun and unique for our play time.
On tours, I’ll book a nicer hotel if I have pre bookings.
Also when I prepare the room, light candles and do my make up, I do it knowing you will come, so I put more effort in to it, instead of spending the time texting with “are you on your way?” “Are you definitely coming?” etc
I keep the time exclusive for your booking. I don’t try to have another straight after, just in case you don’t show up.

Next is the meet up. A client that shows up on time is very appreciated. If you come early I’ll probably not be fully dressed, missing heels, in a rush or feeling embarrassed that I’m not fully ready. If you come late, you might run in to the next booking I have, or my personal plans I made, making me not a happy person. If you are very late, you won’t get the full duration that you’ve booked. That makes us both unhappy.

When you come in, when you pay me straight away, and give me space to count the donation amount and put it away privately, makes me happier and more relaxed around you.
If I have to remind you / ask for the payment, it sets the whole mood wrong, reminding us both it’s a job, and I really don’t like having to ask for money! That being said I won’t proceed with any part of the booking without payment. So save us both the embarrassment…

When you are happy to gargle the mouth wash, shower really well, smell great, those things will obviously want me to be closer to you, and provide all sorts of services which will leave you very very happy. If you refuse a shower, or even after it, smell in your private areas, I will be keeping my distance, trying not to get close enough to gag on the smell. I’m extremely sensitive to smell and hygiene in general.
I’m happy to go with you in to the shower, however feel embarrassed to say once you already came out “OK let’s do it all over again and this time I’ll show you how to do it properly”.

With playing, (without being able to go in to any detail being in QLD), but the more you allow me to lead, the more likely I’m to do things that would please you immensely. Of course telling me what you’d like, and all your secret desires is a great way of making sure I do go in to them, especially if they are in any way unusual. A chat or dinner pre play time is a great way of getting to know each other a bit more, so the fun unfolds naturally.
If I’m feeling uncomfortable, threatened, if you use your size to overpower me, push my boundaries, I will obviously be tense, cold, there will be no mutual pleasure to be had, you will be disappointed.

After the fun, if you give me a massage, chat about something interesting, give me compliments etc I’ll be happy to give you a bit of extra time, to show I like you and would like to see you back here. As opposed to watching the clock and waiting to be rid of you if I can’t stand your company, and never agreeing to see you again.

Money isn’t everything in this world. You are buying a person’s time, attention and permission to respectfully touch my body within my boundaries. You are buying a sexual service, companionship. You are not buying “me”. You have no right to insult, abuse in any way or force yourself on to me.

I’ve been blessed by getting mostly amazing clients, which I see as friends, enjoy seeing again and again and chatting to in between visits. It’s so nice looking forward and getting ready for a date, dinner, beautiful hotel, a night of passion… There is a level of love between myself and my favourite return clients. I always wonder about their time while away from me, and love catching up with them, sharing a drink, a meal, some dessert and seeing how our bodies come together, with fire and passion.

For first timers, it’s like a blind date, dinner, chit chat with the sex being a guaranteed ending. I really enjoy meeting and getting to know new people, on deeper levels. When the client opens up to me, I enjoy discussing their lives, talking about life experiences, philosophy, my adventures, spirituality, health, sex, or really any topic apart from politics :-)

With love and respect,

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