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In the world where so much is fake, where people get constantly judged, on appearances, their beliefs, their ideas… Where someone just assumed I’m more likely to do services I don’t offer if the person who asks looks hot! He obviously did not read any of my writings…

I just had to write another entry talking about the relationships that are built between escorts and their clients. However I’ll never speak for anyone else, as we are all so very different and that’s what makes it interesting! All of us offer different services, and not only in the *cold* list of physical boundaries and delights, but on the deeper level of connection.

While many don’t even offer a friendship / connection to their clients, and experience with them is strictly physical, they often call it PSE (porn star experience), many who do call their service GFE, their girlfriend experience varies a lot, just like in the normal world, boyfriends / girlfriends have wide range of relationships and a unique set of boundaries, expectations and even feelings. Couple to couple differs a lot, so no wonder it’s the same in this world. As long as the client is well matched to the provider, it’s heaven to all.

We all want our clients to enjoy us, physically, mentally… but not everyone is eager to offer their true friendship, it’s pretty much expected to be put upon, to act the affection, some do it better than others.

This world is hard for someone like me, I’m a pathetic actress, and you can see all my emotions on my face.
I thrive in making those deep, real connections with many of my dates. Obviously it’s not possible with everyone. Sometimes when the guy is leaving, I hope he had fun and enjoyed himself, yet I know he won’t be back, and even if he does contact me again, I’ll have to say no, as there was no connection.
In some very rare cases we ended up splitting after the initial period of time together, realising this just won’t work. Massive character clash.

I’m lucky that after a period of chatting online or over the phone, I can generally pick the good matches, and in most cases we have a fantastic, very memorable time. It really helps when the person reads my site and my writings! I like to keep the connection alive, whether I get booked by them weekly or yearly or anything in between.

Of course it’s more likely to happen after overnight bookings, as we have all that extra time to talk in to the early hours of the morning, and for them to see me with no make up on, (even thou many claim I look exactly the same, and look again after I mention I’ve just taken my make up off!), to me it still feels very intimate bringing them in to my bed for the night.

Weekend bookings feel like a little honeymoons together, and we enjoy discovering each other. Many people won’t find much in common after a 10 minute chat and a 45 minute play, but put them in to the same room for 16+ hours, and so much get’s discovered! Lot’s of common views, experiences, shared philosophies… And the fun “Tired_Brain 3AM chats” are something special too.

I find something good / interesting in everyone I come across, and pretty much every person I’ve met has some unique experiences to share. It’s fascinating! A life from another person’s perspective.

Not every guy I’ve met has the desire to keep in touch, I still miss some of the fleeting ones, with whom we shared a wonderful time but they drifted off after a couple of messages. I wish them the best and let them go. I hope one day our paths will cross again and I’ll find out what kept them away, or how their life has turned out.

With others we get pretty close, I see them as friends. No, I won’t have sex or go out on unpaid social dates with anyone, but within the limitations of the paid GFE, I’m very happy to keep in written touch, help out any way I can, with lady advice, or any life experience. Or just a shoulder to cry on.

I’ve lived a totally crazy life, which people would think was fiction if they read about it in a book. I’ve been in so many situations, and learned many life lessons. I believe between that and my occupations, I can be of use to many with any psychological issues.

Many only get close to their escort companions as they know we won’t judge them. Keeping our identities separated, this fantasy is so much more special, because it’s so much more real than the real life can ever get. With their privacy being completely protected, we are often the only ones who know the true workings of their minds. So to me it seems obvious we should be there, to support them in any mental crisis.

I’m not talking about the daily “hi, how are you?” messages. They are pretty useless, boring, and impossible to keep up with, getting hundreds of those a day is pretty draining.

Contact has to have some degree of substance, interest, not be expected, and come from people who have booked before, and will be booking again, or who are considering booking and trying to work out if we are a good match. Obviously if I’m with someone else, I won’t be there to reply, but I will get back to people, as soon as possible. Within those boundaries, I’m always happy to lend a ear, or to exchange a few messages about random things if you feel lonely. I really like making people happy, in bookings or outside of them.

It will make me sad if I found out someone was feeling very lonely or unwanted but was too shy to get in touch. I’ve been there too, when you feel not good enough, that the world hates you, and no one will care if you will be here or not… It’s not true, but feels pretty real at the time.

Companionship is more important than sex. I give great hugs, body rubs and happy to spend time doing any activity with you, whether it’s looking at cars, playing chess, visiting the zoo, attending a function if you need a date, or anything else. Except watching TV. Yep, you are on your own there.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch, so we can discuss how I can make you happy. Inside the bedroom or outside of it.
This writing ended up a lot more depressing than I intended for it to be. Apologies.

Your devilish but friendly Mazikeen

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