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Why do I see myself more of a companion than any other of the job names and descriptions that are being used to describe an escort?

It’s the type of service I provide. GFE isn’t just a name for me. It’s a true girlfriend, lover, experience. With the good, the emotional and the bad that comes with it. When two people seek each other out, when stars align and my profile pops up on your radar, when you notice my images, or some of my writing on any of the sites or Twitter and decide to connect, it’s not just random event, something is bringing us together. And in turn I choose you too. If I like the sound of your first email / SMS / message to me, if we click during our phone chat, and everything matches in further communication when we plan the details of our date, we each get something to look forward to. I try my best to get to know you, understand where you are coming from, try to work out what we should do to make you the happiest person while you are with me.

I prepare for our encounter as I would for a real date with someone I like a lot. I get excited, I often get butterflies too!
Hence why I need a deposit, to make sure this will go ahead, to allow me to buy something special or get a treatment like a facial or a massage to look / feel my best.

During our date I’m your friend first and lover second. Not all people feel like undressing and jumping in to the sack with a complete stranger, and for those an overnight booking or at least a 4-5 hours with a dinner or lunch might work better. I like to spend our time teasing you mentally as well as physically.

People tend to want to open up and tell me their stories, whatever is hiding deep inside, any emotional baggage or dark secrets that they haven’t been game to share with anyone else before. I am a great confidante, never judge and always eager to listen and try to help. Sometimes the mood takes us away from the sexual, and for a while there we just talk. And that’s OK too.

I’m nothing religious but I’m very spiritual, sensitive, empathic. Which is a blessing and a curse, making me more susceptible to people’s energies, forcing me to be choosy and picky with people I agree to see.

Sometimes my dates want to do other things with me. Watching movies, going to a play, sightseeing, shopping, taking photos of me, dancing or even playing chess. Often a different relaxation is needed, before, after or instead of the sex itself. That companionship, the understanding, acceptance, cuddles is often what’s needed most.

When two people click and time spent together is special, when they make love with an understanding and a connection, it’s like the cherry on top of the beautiful cake.

I like to take my time with the playing, to dance, tease, to do many things which I’m not allowed to list being in QLD… I like things slow and sensual. When touch becomes electric. I enjoy showing how to please me. And learn about your body with all its special areas. I love toys, and pushing the limits. I love when we are both comfortable.

Yes there is plenty of kinky and naughty about me too. Being a nudist and a very confident, open person, my clothes tend to fall off me quite quickly. I used to do a lot of fetish and BDSM work in past years, so I’m not a stranger to it.

However I’m not one for any dirty talk, rude people repulse me, anyone who tries to dominate me will loose my attention (and then me) very quickly.
There are so many beautiful ladies that provide a great PSE service, who don’t wish to connect with their clients, they would be great entertainers for those who wish to play a porn star for a period of time.

For bookings with me, you are paying for my COMPANY, my time, my attention and caring. I appreciate people who take the time to learn about me, who actually like me, not just my body. Everything else we figure out, discuss and decide upon. I put no pressure on you to perform sexually, I just want us to enjoy each other, explore, relax and at the end to be able to look back with a huge smile and a desire to do it all over again!

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