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Hola gentleman, thanks for taking the time to read this diary.

Let me tell you a secret about me. Do you know what part of the sex I enjoy most? I love to give pleasure with my mouth.

Oh yeah, you have read correctly.

I enjoy BJ.

I'm able to spend a long time satisfying you, and at the same time this turns me on.

I have the perfect view of your chest and face. I can touch your chest or your bum ( if you stand up and I'm on my knees). I have total control.

Usually, I start with lots of teasing. I sit between your legs and begin to touch your legs up and down. I kiss your inner thighs, maybe a few soft bites. Kiss everywhere. Kiss all around your balls and cock, close enough to make you crazy. But not, it's not the time to put your hard cock in my mouth. Not yet.

You might ask when I'm going to put that cock in my mouth? I will give you a cheeky smile for an answer which means not yet.

I know, it's naughty. Sorry, not sorry.

I'm so close to you that your cock is touching my cheek

Time to play with your balls

How lovely is it to see a fresh and clean pair of balls. Make me wish to have them in my mouth immediately.

I kiss your balls sweet and gently, kiss them for long. Pass my tongue all over them. Firmly, wet, playful. I go low enough to make your mind fly. I stare you. I like to see your face at the same time that I'm down. See you when you close your eyes, hear you moaning. That is extremely sexy.

It is time to play a bit with your penis. At this stage, I'm already wet. I slide my tongue slowly up and down your cock. Very, very slow. I pass my tongue lasciviously on the whole surface, playing with you. But, I haven't reached the tip yet.

You want to kill me, and I know that. Hate me now, love me later.

I'm ready. I put your cock in my mouth; it's delightful how your hard cock feels in my mouth.

I kiss your cock lecherously. No more games I'm going to devour you.

Mariana Zabala

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