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Why I'm all for Escort Reviews.

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Some punters and sexworkers hate reviews, some love them. Many have probably never given them a second thought. I'd like to share my personal thoughts on reviewing, and why I encourage it for my business.

It's the same story every week. I see a client, either for the first time or the 20th time and without fail, they send me a touching message of thanks.
For me, text messages and emails are not something I would feel comfortable sharing on social media, even with permission.
Yet I often find myself wishing that clients would use the key points of their experience and write it into a brief review... Unfortunately I feel rude asking directly, lest it be interpreted the wrong way. So I don't.

So if I'm worried about sharing personal correspondence, why would I want information about how I perform fellatio, look in person or relate to clients shared with the public at all?
The most important reason is pure and simple;

Marketing to a specific client base.
Sex is an act that is quite literally different strokes for different folks. People like wildly different flavours, and have different brains and bodies. (Why else would I constantly have to request that clients refrain from biting my nipples? )
When a client already has a good idea of what I offer in services, and likes what they read in my bio and reviews, we automatically remove a layer of physical awkwardness.
The more closely their preferences are understood by their provider, the more freedom they feel.
They don't feel embarrassed to ask me for specific acts because they have ample prior indications of what is available.
It is much better for a sex worker and a client to have common tastes in the 'product.'
This leads to a mutually satisfying working relationship.

Appreciation. Reviews as a gift.
It's a beautiful and humbling thing when a client wishes to express their thanks in any gesture, large or small.
This is also why my freezer runneth over with Haigh's dark chocolate (cheers guys️)
But the best way you can thank your escort as far as I'm concerned is by sharing your experience; even in very subtle wording if you're uncomfortable with details.
If we had an incredible time together, then I want more clientele like you!
The gift of like minded company is one that keeps on giving.

What about negative reviews?
There are some forums that allow clients to discuss the less successful elements of their bookings. Although this can be confronting for escorts to read, I believe these expressions also have their place.
For starters, a punter being publicly dissatisfied with an element of a sex worker's service helps her streamline her clientele with those in line with her preferences.
For example, I might be termed a 'clock watcher' for being relatively strict with my time. That doesn't sound good on paper, but the reality is that clients who overstay their welcome make me quite stressed. I like to have ample time to relax, tidy up and get into 'the zone' between bookings so that I am able to consistently give my best effort. Weeding out potential clients who are looking to push those boundaries is actually very helpful!

Unfortunately, there are occasional cases of unscrupulous punters just looking to smear an escort's reputation with a negative write up. My response to this scenario is that quality clientele will see through bullshit.
They may read it, but will quickly be able to discern what is a simply a chip on the shoulder or a simple personality clash as opposed to an actual problem with the service.

In summary, I can certainly only speak for myself regarding this topic. I believe reviews have helped me build and retain an extremely compatible client base, both socially and sexually. I know this from what clients have told me directly.
If you would like to review your favorite escort, perhaps ask her whether she likes the feedback to be public or not.
If you are thinking of reviewing me, or are now considering it after reading this article, then give yourself a green light. Consider what elements of the experience prompted you to send me that beautiful message of thanks, edit it to what you are comfortable sharing (however succinct) and help me continue to attract wonderful clients, just like you.

Xx Marci

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