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Wham Bam... Where's The Harm?

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Wham Bam…Where’s the Harm?

So about a year ago, I remember reading a tweet from a co-ho asking why she would bother getting ready for “A disgusting half hour.”
It gave me a giggle at the time, I could relate to the mood she may have been in when she replied to that particular enquiry, which I suspect might have been horribly worded.
What I couldn’t decide was whether I agreed with it or not.

I do offer half hour bookings on tour. Sometimes even at home if the timing works out. But they have never been overly popular, because generally the type of client who selects an independent escort is seeking more than just a sexual experience. You can’t really offer much in the way of companionship or scintillating wit between “Nice to meet you” and “Cum on my tits” before the alarm goes off.
Yet as my client base has tilted slowly over time in favour of a PSE bent, I have found myself reflecting on short bookings as nice little bonuses. I have decided I am most definitely not too posh for the odd blow and go!

Do we prefer longer engagements? Most of us would definitely say yes, all things considered.
Long bookings are worth travelling for and build mutual trust in working relationships. Long bookings allow us to give a client a memorable experience beyond the physical. Most importantly from our perspective, long bookings are our financial bread and butter.

But what’s up with this idea that “High End” (Just quietly, I fucking hate that term) sex workers don’t offer shorter bookings because they are sordid or gross? It’s just exchanging sex for money in a different timeframe. Nothing more, nothing less. Many of us, myself included, offer short services but do not promote them.

On a recent tour, I received an enquiry asking if I would consider providing a 15 min service. This has happened before, but I have never accepted, perhaps due to some kind of dormant elitism residing somewhere in my psyche. My knee jerk reaction was to thump out a text explaining that “AS PER MY PROFILE” my minimum booking was 30 mins. Then I stopped and for the first time ever, asked myself “why?”
The enquirer was polite. He had a reference. He didn’t mind when I said I would not be wearing full makeup or fancy lingerie for such a brief encounter. My next booking was hours away and I didn’t feel like leaving my room. So I said yes instead of clambering up on my high horse, and I did not regret it at all. In fact, it was so easy that I might consider officially adding it to my touring service list.

We don’t always know the reasons behind short booking requests. I would assume that some people are more restricted by their budgets. Some probably just don’t feel the end for anything more than a fast sexual release. Neither of these reasons are shameful or derogatory towards the provider. While I can’t imagine the cheeky quickie ever taking centre stage in my business model, my attitude toward it is now positive.
If a client can get the job done and be out the door in that timeframe: Wham Bam, why not?

xx Marci

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