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Short Notice Bookings; The Reasons it's a No From Me.

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I would like to begin by saying that this is not a rant. The more sex workers speak to the public about our industry, the better we will be understood.
In 2017, I hope to delve even further into "Project Understanding" by writing on many more adult industry related issues. I am only one voice of many, but I am truly heartened by just how much I have been heard this year. Thank you!

Short Notice Bookings; The Reasons it's a No From Me.

Over the last week in my hometown Brisbane, I have turned down enquiries for last minute bookings worth over $6000.
This was an average week for me. Not to say that all of those enquiries would have ended up being legitimate anyway, but I could conservatively estimate that at least half of them were.

So, why would I reject this kind of ‘easy’ money? You may well ask.
See, here’s the thing; I don't believe you can put a price on what fits with your lifestyle if you want to be a healthy and happy person.
In this entry, I’d like to outline my reasons for not accepting last minute booking requests, in the hope of giving some insight as to why spontaneity just doesn’t work for me in this sphere.

One of the biggest drawcards of working as a private escort for me is flexibility. I can make a great income and still have the life of my dreams.
For me that means plenty of time to live as an artist; drawing, writing, reading and spending whole days immersed in a creative headspace. It is not possible to be productive in this way when there is a good possibility you might have to drop everything and put your sex machine hat on to service someone you’ve never met before.
I am also a staunch believer of investing in time with my nearest and dearest. I feel that making plans with my partner or closest friends, only to cancel on them at the last minute because my work phone is going off would be horrendous form! This is basic work/life balance, and why I do not keep my work phone on my person for social outings or when studying. I value my personal time to the nth degree. It keeps me the happy and calm sex worker that you like to spend time with… are you really looking for an intimate encounter with someone who feels stressed, lonely or resentful? Nope.

The second and most practical reason for my choice not to accept last minute bookings is logistics.
I am not a woman who wears makeup and sexy clothes every day. I am also not a professional who would ever feel comfortable turning up to see a client looking anything but appropriately groomed.
Let’s say you send your enquiry whilst I’m training at the gym. Even if I immediately abandoned my session (which is essential to stay in shape for my job) It would still take me; 15 mins to drive home, 1-2 hours to groom for you depending on whether or not I needed to wash my hair, 20-40 minutes to drive to my incall depending on traffic and 10 minutes to set the mood for us in the unit. I understand that there may be ladies who wake up, prepare to work and stay close to their incall, which may also be their place of residence. Unless I am on tour, I couldn’t make this lifestyle a possibility even if I tried.

Client reliability is another huge reason I do not accept last minute bookings in Brisbane, and only with escort references when on tour.
Out of all the short notice cancellations and no shows I’ve ever had, zero percent have been from a client who has booked ahead and paid a deposit. Pretty much a hundred percent of those illegitimate bookings began with the dreaded “Available now??” or “Can I see you tonight babe?” text.
The risk of losing time and money is just too high. I’ve given too much good faith and been disappointed too many times in the early days to change my mind on this. I’ve sat in my incall for several hours longer than originally planned, missing training and study for people who cancelled 10 minutes prior to a meeting after stringing me along with several “running late” messages.
I’ve dragged myself out of bed after 4 hours sleep on tour to put on makeup and get in the zone for clients that never showed up. You may just be a spontaneous type of person and that is understandable in a sexual context, but it doesn't change all the factors that go into preparing for a booking. The best compromise is to check which escorts are available for short notice bookings on their advertising, and have your references in order.

Finally, the most personal reason for me rejecting last minute bookings is anxiety minimisation. When someone has made an effort to contact me ahead of time, and been straightforward and polite in their enquiry, it gives me insight into who they are. I can easily relax and feel safe and uninhibited. A client could request the most outlandish PSE role-play you could imagine, but with enough time to prepare mentally I feel completely confident to REALLY bring it!
By contrast, if I have no idea what I am walking into and have been in a different state of personal preoccupation shortly beforehand, it’s likely I will be feeling too nervous to give my best. From what I’ve heard, most clientele would feel extremely uncomfortable if the escort they had engaged was not feeling great mentally or emotionally whilst providing a service. Even in the rare case that the client was not bothered by that, I certainly would be; my mental health and emotional fitness is of the utmost importance to me and I will always prioritise this over making an extra booking fee.

So in summary, I would say the last minute booking debacle is one I can see both sides of.
For some escorts, it may suit their lifestyle and personality. For some clients, it may be that spontaneity takes priority over planning for various reasons and that is understandable.
However, with the advances in last minute advertising and the information on our profiles, I do believe that it is simple enough to gauge whether the chosen provider is the right person to suit your needs. There is a pretty strong element of dismissal present when an escort advertises her availability and booking processes and they are repeatedly ignored by the same person.
For myself, I have chosen the way I want to work. Yes, I may lose some potential clientele by not bending over backward to accomodate short notice booking requests, but honestly, this firm stance is helping me build the business that I want. My retention rate is excellent. I am happy, relaxed and receptive when I am with my clients. I do not worry about what is going on with my work phone when I’m enjoying the other parts of my life…
And I can absolutely promise, only good things can accompany the anticipation of booking in advance ;)

Love Marci xx

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