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Well, it's my first time in Brisbane as a touring worker, I've been up North before but for other reasons, music, family, holidays... And somehow I've only ever spent one day / night in the city and that was for a gig.

As I've stepped up my touring game one of the things I love about it is meeting new people, finding new connections, expanding the world of experience from a city, to a coast, to a country. I've always been one for first times - I am hungry for new experiences, new connections, new sensations. The thrill of stepping into something, whether you end up liking it or not is one that excites and drives me, and I have found many new things that only needed a bit of courage to take the step to experience.

New songs, new books, a new lover, new kinks... When I look back over the years it's been that one step out of the comfort zone that has led me to some of my most fulfilling experiences. Sure, there is always the possibility of not liking it, making a bad decision, or finding oneself in an unknown and challenging situation - but even those have been experiences that I won't regret having, because the biggest regret I believe is to NOT experience all that you can in a lifetime. And good communication and planning for WHEN, not IF things go wrong is one of the hallmarks of adapting and thriving. It's especially true in the realm of emotions, connections, BDSM and kink, where communication is so very important, and the stakes are that much higher.

I always take my time to really get to know where someone is at, and what their desires, turn ons and limits are before we play - not only is the anticipation delicious and negotiation itself can be sexy as all hell - but it means that when we finally do play, we take a journey together that is fulfilling and exciting, through new and delighting experiences, held in a space that is only for us.

I'm looking forward to more first times, come join me in them...

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