diary of male escort Nicolas Santamaria

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Can you believe that from now on I am going to have to write on my profile Oral sex up to my appreciation!
Let's be clear here ladies, I really don't mind pubic hair and if they are blond, the more the better.

I recently had an inquiry and a booking from a lady in over her 50's who insisted previously of our booking on oral sex !?
Of course I do oral sex, I love it, I love the most intimate taste of women.
I didn't understand why she would thought I would be reluctant to provide oral sex.
Guess what, Her pubic hair had never been trimmed before, her clit was hidden by a thick bush ! On top of that, she proudly added before I took her pantie off " look I did my bikini line for you" Well I don't care that's not where my tongue goes.
I shared the story with bestie, and she was on her side " You are professional, that shouldn't bother you. I'm full of hair down there and my man love it, he licks everything "
Me: I have a piercing on my tongue, imagine how awkward if it got stuck down there. How about you lick my armpit to find out how it feels !?
Bestie : I love your smell and body fluid, I would love to lick your armpit ...

So ladies, if I can't see your clit I won't lick it.

This little problem, let's be honest, that was nothing. However it ran on my mind for days afterward.
I don't even dare to imagine when female providers have real problems with A-hole
Sex work is usually very empowering but when it goes wrong...wow

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